Best Lacrosse Heads For LSM

Oct 29, 2018

Long Stick Middie (LSM) lacrosse heads are a hybrid cross between stiffer and wider heads that can be used to play traditional close defense, and narrower mid-pocket designs that can be used on the wing and for face-offs.  These LSM lacrosse heads are used for aggressively rushing the ball on fast breaks, clears, and even shooting. LSM heads are basically designed to put some offense in your defense.  

The best LSM lacrosse heads of 2019 are:




Maverik Havok

  For the top end collegiate guys, the Maverik Havok broke on the scene this year in a big way.  Stripped down profile from the best selling Maverik Tank, with a stiff, aggressive ball scoop. The first head in quite some time that is truly made for long pole shooters that play to win.  Hint - string it with ECD Semi-Hard or Stringking 4X for best shot/clear control performance.  

STX Stallion 700

  The STX Stallion 700 remains as one of the go-to top team collegiate heads.  Primarily designed for middies who shoot on the run and power cradle up and down with two hands, LSMs across the nation have also embraced this head for the combination of offense and defense technology. String it mid-high and you can have the same long pole dodging control as a deeper bucket, but you also feed or let ‘er rip on fast breaks.  

Warrior Burn WARP Pro

  The Warrior Burn WARP Pro in whip 3 (higher) is a new and upcoming choice for elite level players.  We are actually having trouble keeping these in stock this year with the new demand. Consistency is KEY here fellas.   High whip pocket on an ultra stiff head, you gotta try it to believe it, these are coming on fast and strong in 2019.  

Stringking Mark 2T

  The StringKing Mark 2T is the most “classic” shape in this class of lacrosse heads. It offers wider rounded curves and stringing setup.  This is for the long pole wing player on face-offs and for this age group it is an awesome choice for players that may not be as concerned with shooting, but hustling after those ground balls on the defensive and dishing it off in transition.      


Newer players need a bit wider design for ground balls and knocking down passes, so the East Coast Dyes Mirage, Vapor Elite 2 and the Under Armour Command are all awesome choices.  

ECD Mirage

  The East Coast Dyes Mirage lacrosse head has been a top seller for the last 3 years.  It has a wider scoop and is perfect first LSM head when a player decides to commit to the position.  

Nike Vapor Elite 2

  The Nike Vapor Elite has hot angles which makes for a stiffer lacrosse head.  It actually has much of the same feel as a the Nike CEO.  This lacrosse head is for aggressive LSM players that get up and down the field in both directions.  

Under Armour Command

  The Under Armour Command is used by several of the top 10 teams in the nation year in and year out.  One of those little secrets that only the best of the best know about. String it up, mid-pocket and ECD semi-soft or StringKing 4S and you have a nasty offensive weapon. We recommend this head for the most aggressive of LSM players…  the guys who really push transition and make plays in the middle of the field.  

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