The Best Men's Lacrosse Mesh Of 2020

Feb 25, 2018

The best lacrosse mesh of 2020 comes down to personal preference. With the changes in mesh this past year the mesh that you choose affects almost every aspect of the game.  Mesh can affect the way you run on the field and hold your stick, cradling, ball handling, and passing. So what’s the hottest new lacrosse mesh you can get that you will definitely want to try? See our Pro reviews of newly released lacrosse mesh below, as well as some old favorites that you will need in your bag as a backup.

Stringking 4X and Stringking 4S Lacrosse Mesh

One of our pros favorite mesh is the StringKing 4X and 4S. 4X weaves are tighter, stronger and lighter than all the previous releases. Stringking 4X is favored by feeders, inside shooters and those that want the quickest releases in lacrosse. Deadly in the hands of an attackman strung with a lower pocket. Stringking 4S is the choice of elite outside middies and defenseman who want more hold and bigger bags in their upper and mid style pockets. This newly released mesh will also immediately up the game of advanced youth players as well. 

East Coast Dyes Semi-Soft Hero 2.0 Mesh With Striker

Like Hero mesh, but with two colored, parallel stripes that show you EXACTLY where your pocket is sitting. Loved by coaches and the advanced youth crowd as a gut check for sometimes erratic throws and shots. This mesh will quickly let you know how the ball is sitting in the channel and how the ball is coming out of the pocket. Great for players beginning to string their own sticks because you can see if your pocket in symmetrical and even on both sides.  

East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 Semi-Hard Mesh Kit

Made for players that like to shoot.  If you have a player that is starting to bring the heat, let them try out the new East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 Semi-Hard lacrosse mesh. Currently favored by guys who like to shoot on the run and are not afraid to let one fly from the outside. 

Vortex Semi-Hard and Vortex Semi-Soft lacrosse mesh

This is the newest lacrosse mesh that is taking the college and high school guys lacrosse game by storm this year. Easily the early winner this year for the hybrid technology that uses two sizes of diamonds in the same piece of mesh. This allows you to cradle like soft mesh, but shoot and pass like hard mesh. See the East Coast Dyes Vortex lacrosse mesh video review under the product details about this revolutionary new concept.

Sidewall Spools and Crosslace Spools

All players that string frequently use these supplies. There are expensive specialty brands, but here at we also use strings that we have custom produced at our mill in Rhode Island. Offered in many colors, and perfect for all you stringers out there.   We sell these in both larger spools and smaller 10 yard spools for only $5.  Keep a few extra in your bag for emergencies!