Best Lacrosse Shafts For Youth And Beginners

Sep 8, 2017

Understanding what the best lacrosse shaft is for youth players really comes down to price versus weight.  Every coach will tell you, the heavier the weight of the lacrosse shaft, the harder it is for a younger player to develop proper passing techniques.  Youth lacrosse players are just smaller, so their ball handling, shooting and catching will be affected by how heavy and cumbersome their stick it.  Most lacrosse heads weigh in at about 5 oz., so it is the type of lacrosse shaft that will determine how much a stick will really weigh.  

Attack Lacrosse Shafts For Beginners:

The list of beginner lacrosse shafts is simple.  For first year youth players, you can get away with a cheap solution for about $20 or less.  These youth lacrosse shafts will be made from aluminum and are fine for players ages 4-9, but no matter what age the player is, it will benefit them to get a lighter shaft the second they start learning to really catch and throw.  There is really no notable difference between the shafts below except the graphics, and they are all at the same price point.  


STX Amp - Durable and reliable for beginners and backyard play STX Stallion 6000 - A workhorse that is good for advancing youth players Brine 6065 - Good for learning to catch and throw  

Best Lacrosse Shafts for Youth Players That Play Attack

The list of lacrosse shafts for attack players is sorted by price and weight.  The more expensive the shaft, the better and lighter the materials will be.  A few of the carbon shafts made the list as well. To learn the difference between carbon and metal shafts watch our video. However, all you really need to know is that for younger offensive youth lacrosse players, weight and grip are the two primary factors in choosing a lacrosse shaft.  Many players like to tape their shafts to add extra grip, but this obviously adds a lot of weight.  For that reason, some shafts are made with finishes that help younger players keep a good grip and don’t require any tape.  Here is the list of best attack shafts for youth players this season:  


( Good )

  Brine Clutch  - at $69 this price point is a good, sturdy option that he will have for a few seasons.  Smooth finish, reliable, and comes in various colors.  

( Better )

  Nike Vandal – a best seller for five years running.  One of the lightest weights of the bunch at 5oz.   Lots of colors.  As your player gets older, this lacrosse shaft will be too lightweight for advanced youth play, but absolutely perfect up through middle school. $69  

  Maverik Wonder Boy -  $84  - If you want something that will last a few more years and also weighs just over 5 oz. the Maverik WonderBoy lacrosse shaft is used by players, even in high school.  This lacrosse shaft has a slightly raised grip for better ball control.  No need for tape here.  

( Best )

  Epoch Integra 2 - $99 - This is a carbon lacrosse shaft from one of  hottest company's in the carbon game right now, Epoch Lacrosse.  Super-light, slightly sandy and gritty grip.  Simply awesome.   Maverik Mission Blank - $104 -  Includes ABE technology.  The Adjustable Butt End, allows for the lacrosse shaft to stay light, without tape, and provides hand placement guidance.  Smooth no frills grip helps players switch hands more easily.  This is a high school level workhorse that could last for years for younger players.  A bit of an investment, but will last into the future.   STX Surgeon SC -  $90 -  Makes the list because of the weight.  One of the lightest on the list.  Great for developing attack, and for players that are progressing with their stick skills.  Weighs in just under 6 oz.   Maverik Hyperlite - $139 -   Offered in both smooth matte grip and grit grip which is slightly sandy.  These lacrosse shafts are simply awesome.  Weighing in at less than 5 oz, this lacrosse shaft feels like air in your hands.  This lacrosse shaft is made of hollow carbon fiber and is one of the lightest lacrosse shafts on the market.  


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