Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads and Liners 2019

Oct 9, 2018
The best lacrosse shoulder pads of 2019 come in full protection for offensive and youth players and shoulder pad liners/speed pads for defenseman, middies and older players. The biggest difference between shoulder pads and shoulder pad liners are the amount of protection and mobility that is provided.  Traditional lacrosse shoulder pads include a shoulder cap as well as a tricep pad. This gives the player the top level of protection, and is perfect for any attackman or dodging middie who are physical players. Shoulder pad liners are built for the players who want more comfort and mobility, like defensemen or middies running the field.  Watch our video to learn the difference between shoulder pads and liners.   LACROSSE SHOULDER PADS STX Cell 4 Shoulder Pads: Perennially a best seller on our site, the STX Cell 4 protection line,  is known for their comfort, feel, as well as the supreme amount of protection provided. Priced at $129 these are the top of the line shoulder pads on the market. The upper-arm pads are removable and these pads do not pinch or grab, making them tremendously comfortable.  Best selling advanced youth pad two years running.   Maverik Rome Shoulder Pads: The newest models of the always popular Rome protection line is available from Maverik. If you are looking for elite level protection, look no further than the Romes. Priced at $159.99, this set of pads extends further down on the chest than some of the pads, and offers a great collar design that is built to fit a Cascade S helmet.   STX Stallion 500 Shoulder Pads: This is the choice of the top college programs around the nation. Collegiate players love these pads due to the fact that these are arguably the most comfortable pads available. They may cost $169, but they are trimmed down from some of the shoulder pads, as they come with no floating shoulder caps, and also cut away rib protection designed for shooters.   Warrior Evo Hitlyte: Coming in at $100, the Hitlyte offers the best rib protection among the shoulder pads listed. These pads come with a wide collar, allowing for great freedom of motion that won’t ride up on your neck. If you aren’t sure about going with a liner or a shoulder pad, these are your best bet. You can easily remove the tricep pad and you’ll have a shoulder pad liner.   LACROSSE SHOULDER PAD LINERS   STX Cell 4 Speed Pad: The STX Cell  4 line of lacrosse protection has been one of the best choices you can make since the first version of the Cells. The Cell IVs are no different. At $109 you are getting the softest feeling pads available and worn by some of the top long poles and D-Mids in the game. There are no issues here in regards to the mobility.   Maverik Rome Speed Pad: The new Maverik Rome shoulder pad liners offer a little more protection than some other liners without inhibiting any mobility! There is a smaller shoulder cap on these pads but no tricep pad. These are perfect for middies who are outside shooters and need the mobility without sacrificing any protection. For $119.99 these are perfect for any elite level midfielder !  Best collar bone protection in the game - and adjustable.   Maverik Max Speed Pad: Since the Maverik Max speed pad has hit the market it has constantly been one of our best selling pads.The price of $89 is impossible to beat due to comfortable pads that offer great rib protection. There are multiple flex points around the sternum which help breathability of the pads as well increases mobility and comfort. If you are a middie or defensemen who play without an undershirt, these are the pads for you!   Want a more in-depth explanation regarding the difference between shoulder pads and shoulder pad liners?  Call 855-255-5294 and we can put you on with a PRO who can help you choose then best protection for your age, ability and position.   Other Blogs You Might Be Interested In: BLOG: Lacrosse shoulder pad sizing and fitting guide VIDEO: Difference between shoulder pads and liners See you on the fields!
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