GForce: Graham Harden's Fight Against ALS

May 23, 2017

For Graham Harden, life and lacrosse seemed to go hand in hand. As one of the top players to ever put on a North Carolina Tar Heel uniform, Graham is widely considered to be one of the best defensive lacrosse players in ACC history, garnering multiple awards over the course of his career. His involvement with lacrosse continued as a successful coach ion the collegiate and high school level both in his home state of Connecticut and Ohio. In 2016, Graham received word that he would be inducted into the Connecticut Sports Hall of Fame. However, a few weeks later, Graham also received the heartbreaking news that he had been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. ALS is a debilitating disease that has no cure, and eventually takes away a persons ability to walk, talk, and eventually breath on their own while limiting a lifespan to three to five years. Despite all this,  Graham has remained resilient, and along with the support off his family, the G Force initiative, and the lacrosse community, continues to fight against ALS and prolong its progression as best he can. This past April, witnessed first hand how the UNC and New Canaan lacrosse communities are rallying to support Graham by representing his spirit and motto, “Game on, ALS!”. If you would like to help Graham and others affected by ALS, please visit the links below.

“Lacrosse is Family”

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