How To Buy A Lacrosse Stick For A New Player

Jul 17, 2017
how to buy a lacrosse stick   If you are new to lacrosse, buying a stick can be confusing and there is a lot to learn. Especially for a parent that never played.  Here at we know exactly what type of stick setup new lacrosse players need.  Our product manager and resident pro put together a video that outlines the magic formula for getting a new lacrosse player the best possible stick setup to start learning the game.   Here is what our pro's suggest you look for: - wide based head - standard stringing set up - middle pocket with - 1 nylon and 2 shooting strings - light weight shaft   When it comes to choosing a head the wider the base of the head, the easier it is to catch the ball.  Many lacrosse heads are referred to as “X” or “Universal”.  Both terms mean the same thing.  These types of heads are wider at the base, less pinched and provide accuracy and better ball control.   For stringing, the best option is to get a head that is pro-strung by our gurus here at, for only an additional $20.  Our pro-stringers know how to put the perfectly channeled pocket into these heads which will result in easier catching, better cradling control and much better throwing action.   Three of our most popular selling wide based heads are the: - Nike Lakota U-   highest end of the price points at $89, but will last your kid many years. - Brine Clutch X- mid price point at $74 – great all around offensive and defensive head. - STX Super Power– lower price point at $69 – can offer the deepest pocket for offensive minded players.   Nike Lakota UBrine Clutch XSTX Super Power   Each of these heads are top sellers and fit our pro's criteria to get your player off to a great start.  Newer players using gear they got as hand me downs, or something that was bought at the local big box or sporting goods shop, are really putting themselves at a big disadvantage.  So for all the money and time you are investing in your player, why not spend that extra $10-$20 and get the right stuff.   Younger players are little… let’s face it.  If they are trying to learn on something that feels like a lead pipe, their ability to handle the stick is severely diminished.  Get your player the lightest handle you can afford and their development will be much, much faster!   Below are a few shafts that we love that won’t break the bank… - Nike Vandal – at $69 these shafts have the best price to weigh ratio in the game, hands down - East Coast Dyes Carbon – at $99 these are some of the lightest on the market, and well worth the money - Warrior Brine Clutch – at $69 this is another durable favorite offered in many colors   nike vandalECD Carbonbrine clutch   If you don’t feel like putting all the pieces together and want a combo unit that is practice / game ready right out of the box.. than the best choice on the market is the Complete Stick.  This is the best complete lacrosse sticks for youth players which has been engineered here at with collegiate level heads and string jobs. There simply is no better setup in the game for first time players as well as advancing youth players at this $85 price point.   You might also be interested in reading: Boys Youth Lacrosse Guide For Parents Youth Boys Lacrosse Gear Guide     To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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