How To String A Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head

Aug 22, 2018

Learn how to string the Maverik Kinetik from a Pro. In this video, our Pro Brandon Butler, will show you how to string up the Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head.  Brandon, All-American Pro & Head Product Manager, has been playing lacrosse for over twenty years.  Brandon will show you how the Tension Lock technology is used to form a shooters channel with East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 semi-soft mesh.   The Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head is just one of the most pure shooting heads ever made.  Stiff and flared at the scoop, which really tightens the mesh across the shooting string area, combined with the Tension Lock technology means that the ball comes out HOT and on target.  So this go-to head, designed for the alley dodge on the run as well as time and room shooters.  

Key take away points in the Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head video:

- How to get the topstring on the lacrosse head really tight.

- How the tension lock works with two types of sidewall knots.

- Brandon strings this Kinetik up with a mid-shooters pocket, 1 nylon and two shooters.

- Tension lock – pushes the mesh tighter up top to form a channel.

- Nine diamonds on top  - check out the pattern.

Other notes from this video about how to string a lacrosse stick: The hockey lace at the bottom is also known as a lacrosse throwstring.  Putting a nylon on the 3rd diamond makes the ball come out quicker. CUSTOM STRINGING is widely recognized as the BEST IN THE NATION. Don’t trust your pocket to some part time player in a lacrosse store - it’s the same price (and actually sometimes cheaper) to get the best lacrosse head stringing jobs in the country right here at  

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