Kayla Treanor's Three Favorite Lacrosse Shots

Mar 15, 2017
  As one of the all time leading scorers in collegiate lacrosse, a four time all-American, and a member of the US Women's National team, Nike lacrosse athlete Kayla Treanor is one of the most renowned women's lacrosse players in the game. Known for her expertise in both dodging and shooting, Kayla is also one of the most lethal finishers in all of lacrosse. In Lax.com's latest video collaboration with Kayla, the Syracuse alum shows three different shots to add to a players arsenal that may different from norm. Whether its behind-the-back, through the legs, or a wraparound, practicing these shots will improve your lacrosse finishing, especially in tight. Check out the video and click this link to see more videos with Kayla and Lax.com! Womens Complete Sticks STAY UP TO DATE WITH LAX.COM