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Feb 1, 2021

This fall, in conjunction with Brine and New Balance Lacrosse, is happy to announce our new partnership with lacrosse star Kylie Ohlmiller and the KO17 Lacrosse App.

This app, which can be downloaded on both the Apple and Android App stores, is a revolutionary new lacrosse app that will help players improve not only their game through exclusive drills but one on one feedback from Kylie herself. The application also features off the field education from Kylie that cover topics like mental health and recovery.

“When we created the KO17 Lacrosse App, we wanted to provide a platform with unique technology where the next generation of lacrosse studs could get to really learn and grow together,” said Ohlmiller in a recent announcement video with “ has been pushing for the growth and exposure of our game through their retail, events, and content so it is only right that we partner with them in order to prove this for women's lacrosse fans everywhere.”

Those who download the app will also have access to unique offers and deals from and also will be the first to know about any special announcements and giveaways.

Stay tuned on what you can expect from this exciting partnership as we continue to Dream On!

Download The KO17 App

Chapter 1: The Beginnings

She is one of the most recognized and admired players in lacrosse but every story has a beginning. Check out how Kylie Ohlmiller started her lacrosse journey in's latest video series with the biggest name in women's lacrosse.

Chapter 2: The Mindset

For Kylie Ohlmiller, so much of what makes her one of the best lacrosse players in the world is what she does off the field. Check out how Kylie keeps her mind right in our latest KO17 chapter, The Mindset.

Chapter 3: The Move

As one of the most creative players in lacrosse, even Kyle Ohlmiller has the one move she can always rely on the get the job done. Check out what it is in our latest chapter with KO17 Lacrosse, The Move.

Chapter 4: The Future

What does the future of women's lacrosse look like? National Women's Rep Vanessa Budd chats with Kyle Ohlmiller to get the stars ideas of where the future of lacrosse could be headed in's latest KO17 Chapter, The Future.

Chapter 5: The Life

Whats a day in the life look like for one of the world's biggest lacrosse stars? Kylie Ohlmiller sits down with to explain how she starts each day in our latest K017 Chapter, The Life.


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New Balance
The New Balance Freeze LX Version 3.0 added back some of the old features from the first model and has now made one of the top lacrosse cleats out there. Worn by Rob Pannell, Tom Schreiber and even Kylie Ohlmiller.
New Balance
New Balance Women's Corefleece Hoody
The Brine Dynasty 2 Titanium women' s lacrosse goggle is one of the lightest you can wear and boasts an unobstructed line of sight.  Our Pro's think the low-profile cage design helps create ultimate vision on the field.


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