Lacrosse Glove Sizing Chart and Guide

Aug 24, 2018

How do I know what size lacrosse gloves to buy? This is a common question here at and many parents and players struggle with the terminology and manufacturer sizing numbers. While some of the manufacturers are known for different fits and feels, lacrosse gloves are primarily sold in five sizes.  

How To Size Lacrosse Gloves?

Lacrosse Glove Sizing Chart
XS (8") 6" 5-7 50 lbs Under 46"
SM (10") 6.5" 8-10 50-70lbs 46-54"
MD (12") 7" 11+ 80-120lbs 54-58"
LG (13") 7.5" 14+ 130-180lbs 60-65"
XL (14") 7.75"+ 16+ 190 lbs + 66" +

** makes no representation of the safety or suitability of any of these pads.  We are relaying the information regarding what most of our customer are buying based on age and size.  Please refer directly to the manufacturer for suggestions or sizing guidelines.  Sizes are approximate, different manufacturers may vary slightly in size.**

Most players in College and High School fall into the large and medium category. Most youth players will fall into the small and medium category. The trend in lacrosse gloves these days is “keep em’ snug.” This allows for the maximum feel on the stick as well as better control.  

Fit vary slightly by Manufacturer Here Are Some helpful hints:

  • Maverik - These will feel more like a fitted golf or Isotoner glove. The idea is to give the player the maximum snugness for feel on the shaft. The M3 and Max models fit slightly looser.
  • Brine - These are the loosest fitting gloves and therefore the most popular with bigger high school and collegiate level players.
  • STX - Fairly snug and favored by advanced players. The Cell 3 line is the loosest.
  • Under Armour - Looser fit and feel.
  • Warrior - Somewhere in the middle but tending towards tighter fit.  

For younger players, do not buy gloves that are too big hoping that your player will grow into them.” The extra size in the padding will put them at a big disadvantage while they are developing their throwing and catching skills. You will find that we carry may lower priced gloves in smaller sizes that are appropriate for 1-2 years of play before the player must re-size properly as they grow.   Fingers should be snug for newer players.   If you have any questions about fitting gloves, or which are the best choices for your player's age, ability, and budget. Give one of our Pros a call at 855-255-5294 or email if you need more help.

Printable Lacrosse Glove Size Chart

Mens lacrosse glove sizing guide


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