The New Maverik Lacrosse Shafts - 2018

Sep 28, 2016
Maverik lacrosse shafts are once again dominating the elite high school and advancing youth markets. When your player is ready to step it up, Maverik has lightweight answers in both carbon and high tech metal lines that are all best sellers here at  Maverik kept this release simple but included all the high-tech options.  

Overview Of The 2018 Maverik Lacrosse Shaft Line:


Carbon Shafts:

Maverik Hyperlite - Offered in matte and grit grip. Get some extra whip and shot power with this lightweight technology. Light done right… explore the options.  

Best Selling Metal shafts:

Maverik Mission Blank – no frills and a favorite among advancing youth players. Maverik A1 - Offered in attack and goalie lengths – slight sand grip and lightweight performance favored by elite high school and collegiate players. Maverik Union – the strongest of the attack length line…low key graphics for D middies and bigger players. Maverik Wonderboy - Offered in defense and attack lengths – best-selling youth shafts in the US Maverik Apollo – mid weight offensive shaft with the best shape for guys that like the most grip. Maverick Caliber – Offered in defensive length – Toughest D pole in HS lacrosse.

Maverik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik Mission Blank Lacrosse Shaft Traditional shape, carbon fiber, slightly less than 5oz.  Basically designed to feel like a paper thin feather, but with ultra-strong carbon fiber technology.  The difference between the Hyperlite and other carbon shafts is that it does not bend as much.  That increases accuracy big time.  Pick one up and you will immediately know why this is a must-have for elite offensive players.  Pop a Kinetik on the top and some Stringking Type 4 mesh and you have the lightest rig in the business.  Flying out the door at $140.  

Maverik Mission Blank Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik Mission Blank Lacrosse Shaft A traditional shape scandium shafts that are the perfect advanced youth shaft.  Super feel on the ball through a no-graphic, no-nonsense shaft.  These are already flying off the shelves.  ABE (adjustable) butt end and only $105.  These will hit the best sellers list in no time. Featuring silver, black, and gunmetal.  

Maverik A1 Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik A1 Lacrosse Shaft Speed shape, hovering at 5oz, with a slightly sandy grit grip.  This was the most popular advanced youth pole and high school attack pole in the nation last year.  Youth goalies also ate these up.  Light as a feather – thin walls – maximum ball feel – no tape weight.  Amazingly good combo at $95.  

Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft This was a best seller last year and has a simple, new, all-business graphic this year. Traditional shape, with ScTi materials.  This is our favorite Maverik shaft for bruising middies and short pole defensive players.  Feels like a lead pipe without all the weight (if that’s even possible…) ABE butt end, and only two colors, silver, and black.  Let your play do the talking here big guys.  Featuring a price of $130  

Maverik WonderBoy Lacrosse Shaft

maverik wonderboy lacrosse shaft This is the shaft that started it all for Maverik.  Signature shape, and coming in at about 6oz.  This is the utility priced shaft in the Maverik line and you will see these absolutely all over the youth fields. Cool graphics, durable and affordable, This is the go-to for kids that don’t want to break the bank but want a nice feeling shaft that is pretty lightweight and can last a few seasons. Featuring a price of $85  

Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft

maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft This is part of the "Speed Shape" series from Maverik and weighs in at just over 5 oz.  This is the collegiate, slick grip shaft for players that shift hands and get to the cage.  ScTi alloy means strong and light.  This is Maverik’s elite level attack shaft.  Bestseller list last year as well.  Featuring a price of $120  

Maverik Caliber Lacrosse Defensive Shaft

Maverik caliber Lacrosse Shaft A dedicated D-pole made of ScTi materials.  Strong and light, this thing lays big, nasty checks.  Strong as they come and built to stand up to collegiate level beatings.  Advanced high school guys snapped these up as well last season.  Featuring a price of $175  

Understanding The Different Shaft Shapes For Maverik Lacrosse Shafts:

The Traditional series - These shafts are the most rounded and have the optimal strength to weight ratio of the line.  Designed mostly for the offensive players who like a uniform grip without the sharp edges.  Easy to tape, switch hands and get shots off quickly.  The shafts that have this shape are the: Hyperlite, Union, and Mission Blank.   The Signature series - This was the shape that started it all for Maverik with the original Wonderboy.  A bit more cut out on the sides and designed to be the strongest of the series.  You can really feel this shape through the gloves and that’s why defensive guys love it.  Lock that thumb down and swing those checks.  The shafts that have this shape are the: Caliber, and Wonderboy   The Speed Shape series - Offers Maverik’s elite level offensive shafts.  Designed to be the lightest of the group, these are the top choice for elite level players looking for that superior feel on the ball.  The Apollo is smooth and slick and the A1 has that slightly gritty sanded finish that keeps the tape weight down.  


  The Maverik shaft line for 2018 is poised to, once again, have many players on the Pro's best sellers list.  Maverik just gets it.  Price them well, tech them out and strip out the weight.  It’s not hard - just give advanced players what they want.  If you have any questions about what type of shaft is right for you or your type of player reach out to our Pro's at 855.255.5294 or send us an email at To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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