Maverik Rome Lacrosse Pads and Gloves

Oct 4, 2018
The new men's lacrosse Maverik Rome protection line is in stock at and this lacrosse protection line takes the high level of quality that Maverik is known for, and ramps it up to an entirely new level.  

This protective lacrosse line consists of:

  Maverik really went all out here with the new Rome lacrosse protective padding line. Some of our Pro's recently got their hands on the Rome gear and we were able to test it for ourselves, and we absolutely love this line. These are some of the most comfortable, well designed, pads we have played with, they also offer a great level of protection. Some of the college programs we work closely with are beginning to get their shipments in of this line and the players all echo our sentiment about the Maverik Rome gear line being one of the best protection lines of all time.   Maverik Rome Arm Guards   Maverik Rome Arm Pads   Maverik Rome Elbow Pads   The Maverik Rome line of arm protection comes with a no-pinch mesh as well as full wrap elbow caps. Padding feels soft, flexible and players can have confidence in protection regardless of position. Our Pros really like the double strap design and elongated, no-slip sleeves. While it is priced at the top end of the spectrum, for an extra $10-15, you might as well own the best.   Maverik Rome Gloves   The Maverik Rome lacrosse gloves and Rome goalie gloves fit a bit more snug than other gloves, like the Maverik M4 for example, but the flexibility more than makes up for it. Our Pros favorite aspect of these gloves has to be the Ax-Suede Palm. This gives the Maverik Rome Gloves our favorite palm on the market, you get a tremendous grip on your stick while playing, which is crucial! To add onto the already great grip of these gloves, Maverik added additional grip on the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers. The new cuff design allows for better wrist roll and extension since it uses a magnet rather than velcro like other gloves. The Maverik Goalie Glove thumb is once-again the best in class, hands down.   Maverik Rome Shoulder Pad Speed Pad   Maverik Rome lacrosse shoulder pads and the Maverik Rome lacrosse speed pads may seem a little bit on the expensive side, but from our Pros experience they are the best on market, and are completely worth the extra money. The neck and collarbone fit is designed to work well with the newly released Cascade S and Cascade R helmets. The shoulder pad is exactly what attackmen are looking for, as they are built for added protection without any extra bulk like some of the other shoulder pads. Both the Maverik Rome shoulder pad and speed pad have an underarm cutaway which allows for full shoulder rotation while you are shooting on the run.   The Maverik Rome lacrosse goalie chest pad offers a high level of protection, while not being super bulky and restrictive. The chest plate is sturdy but the design allows for your top hand to be able to drive towards the ball without any resistance. The neck cutaway is wide enough to accommodate throat guards. The strap is in a perfect location where it does not inhibit goalies at all! Goalies who are active outside of the crease and love to get in the scrums for ground balls, these pads are perfect, since you can run around and play without any limitations from your chest protector.   Be sure to watch the Maverik Rome protective line padding video with some of the best PROS in the nation: Nick Mariano - Florida Launch, Joey Sankey - Charlotte Hounds, Joe Walters - New York Lizards; and see what they have to say. Have a question? Give a Pro a call at 855-255-5294 and talk to a REAL Pro about what is best for your age ability and position.   To Get More Great Content and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List: Where Players Get Their Gear  

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