Paul Rabil's Lacrosse Shoulder Protection Advice.

Dec 20, 2016
As the game of lacrosse has evolved over the years, so has the need for certain types of protective equipment. Lacrosse has grown into a sport where speed and mobility has become paramount and the idea of bulky equipment an afterthought. This practice is mostly evident in shoulder pads. Many players have moved to lacrosse "liners"or speed pads as opposed to traditional shoulder pads to keep up with the light and fast trend. In's latest joint video with Paul Rabil and the Paul Rabil Experience, Paul explains what shoulder pads he uses and why, also giving his recommendation on what pads to use based on your skill level and most importantly, pain tolerance and development. Check out the video and follow the links below to get a special offer on the Paul Rabil Experience and to pick up some of Paul's gear! Lacrosse Shoulder Protection Check out the Paul Rabil Experience for only .99 cents by using code LAXDOTCOM! - Get all of Paul's gear here- Subscribe to LaxDotcomTV -- See More Lacrosse Highlights Here:

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