New STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet

Apr 19, 2018

STX Rival Helmet

stx rival lacrosse helmet new   The STX Rival is out and on STX’s YouTube page and looks amazing. Finally, an STX helmet, made by the same company that makes NFL helmets, Schutt, that looks like it will be a serious contender in the advanced youth, high school and collegiate markets!   stx rival lacrosse helmet pump   What we see in this video is a pump action, air induced helmet that form fits to your head based on a pump system that also has a release valve on the back of the helmet. Gone is that signature rudder piece on the top of the helmet.  This helmet comes in a sleek, rounded slick-back design. We think the vision looks great but we will wait to see what this helmet feels like.   STX-rival-Lacrosse-helmet   We are expecting the STX Rival helmet to get seeded on the collegiate big name teams that make the tournament in May. It will be awesome to see the STX Rival en-masse and in action! Look to to provide more details as they become available. As for now, enjoy the reposted video from STX!   Buy the Stx Rival helmet lacrosse   To Find Out When The Rival Is Available At, Enter Our Mailing List:
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