STX Stallion 500 Men's Lacrosse Protective Line

Jan 12, 2017
STX Stallion 500 Arm The all new STX Stallion 500 men's lacrosse protective padding line just set the 2017 standard for collegiate level padding that is available to the masses. What’s the big deal? Well, STX has simply dominated the high-end collegiate scene with a few simple principals that are enhanced by superior technology and design. They married this with a soft feeling fit and finish that is like no other in lacrosse.  When you watch the big boys play on Saturday, this is what they are wearing.   When it is time to suit up for that state championship - this is the battle gear of choice. Let’s take a look at what the hype is all about. The new STX Stallion 500 lacrosse gloves were battle tested in the national championships last year and came out victorious.  With the best guys in the game wearing these, we are pretty sure they are set to dominate the high school and advanced youth ranks as well. The big story here is the flexibility and low profile backhand. These pads are cut in such a way that you can wrist roll all the way back but still operate in traffic with confidence. If you have ever owned a high-end STX glove before, you already know that the feeling in the palms is top of class - if you haven’t you might want to see what your missing. $180 STX Stallion 500 glove One of the most exciting pieces in the new line is the STX Stallion 500 shoulder pad. STX came out with a soft feeling exo-skeleton about four years ago and just kept improving the design. Hardcore, beefy buckles lock the pad in place and they cut the neck wider than traditional pads for mobility. The rib wrapping is barely noticeable and if you pop the arm pieces off, you basically have one of the nicest middy, LSM and D-pole pads on the market. Shoot on the run guys and agile defenseman love these pads for the mobility. $159 stx stallion 500 shoulder pad   The STX Surgeon 500 arm guards were the first release of the elite line and killed it last fall. We know they are not officially part of the STX Stallion 500 line, but they are just too good not to mention.  These pads are not for everyone, but if you get hammered going to the cage from the X or GLE you will understand the concept pretty quickly - Bulletproof! The armadillo style folding of the pad is very unique and the full wrapping forearm padding is awesome because the pad is now locked down even more to prevent slippage. These hit the top 10 list right off the bat, but as described, these pads are really designed for more advanced players that want maximum protection. This is likely the top box lacrosse arm pad choice as well. $99 STX Stallion 500 arm guards   The STX Stallion 500 arm pads will undoubtably be the top choice for middies in lacrosse this season.  Same drill - low profile and high definition pads - you will forget you are wearing them about 5 minutes after you slip them on. This pad is the ultimate mix of protection and mobility for the elite level crown. We do not recommend this pad for attackman at the advanced youth level, but rather for those middle school and up players who are starting to graduate towards more specific position dictated padding. The sleeve on this pad is the best in the business. Coming in at $99 you are at the top end of the spectrum, but these are simply the best and you will live in them for the next two seasons. STX Stallion 500 arm pads   The STX Stallion 500 elbow pad is coming in a $49 and will enjoy the same best selling success as the Cell 3 defensive pads that dominated the market for 5 years running. This is a super comfortable elbow cap that is as simple as it is functional. All the best close D-pole guys sport these pads - just check the sidelines. Stx stallion 500 elbow pad     So basically with this new launch, STX has once again decided to dominate the high end. Their new Stallion 700 lacrosse head has already hit the top 5 men's lacrosse heads list and is still climbing. These pads are the finest quality in lacrosse. STX has clearly established themselves as the one to catch and the high school and collegiate guys have recognized these pads as the best of the best with every new release. Way to go again STX, proving that technology and quality will dominate every time.  If you need any help picking out the best protective padding for your age, ability and skill level, just give us a ring and we will put you on with a collegiate all-american who can give you some excellent options.  Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear as soon as it hits the market.  See you on the fields! The Pro Staff Where Players Get Their Gear 855.255.5294  

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