STX Surgeon 500 Protection Series

Sep 29, 2016
[caption id="attachment_19131" align="aligncenter" width="488"]Surgeon 500 Protection Surgeon 500 Protection Review[/caption] The STX Surgeon 500 protection series is launching a new arm guard and shoulder pad for the upcoming lacrosse season.  These pads are a great match up with the successful launch of the STX Surgeon 500 lacrosse glove from last year.  Take a look at what our Pro's at had to say about these newly updated products.   STX Surgeon Lacrosse Arm Guard  -The all new Surgeon 500 arm guards are generating a serious buzz by the collegiate teams that were given the product early in production by STX.  Our Pro attackman gobbled them up and described them as the best new line of defense when taking the ball to the cage.  These pads absorb monster blows and the three-part overlapping padding system expands when you flex your arm,  so it covers up all those nasty little spots that seem to get exposed with other pads.  The upper triceps padding fits snugly and was secured by a simple thin strap that sits right above the bicep.  There is no bunching in the crux of the arm when flexing.  The mesh sleeve is thin and comfortable but reinforced by a vertical seam that kept the pad tight.  The lower forearm has a sneaky, low profile piece that we really like that wraps around and provides nearly 360 protection down towards the wrist.   [caption id="attachment_19151" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Surgeon 500 Arms Guards Surgeon 500 Arms Guards[/caption] Our favorite part about the Surgeon Arm Guard however is the way the top bicep pad is positioned OVER the elbow cap.  This provides undoubtedly some of the best protection in lacrosse as most advanced players perform a one-hand dodge with their arm slightly bent, not straight or at 90 degrees.  This design is genius because it covers EVERYTHING all the time in this position.  Overall mobility.. we are giving this pad an 8.5 out of 10.  For protection.. its one of the best we have ever seen.   This pad will absolutely dominate for offensive players in box lacrosse as well.  Not sure what type of arm protection is right for you?  Watch our informational video: Choosing the right arm protection.   The STX Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad - The all new Surgeon 500 shoulder pad is designed for middies and defenseman that want a little more protection than the super low-profile pads currently on the market.  These pads cover up the ribs and back plate more than others and offer some more confidence from that cross check while shooting on the run, or that attackman sinking his stick into your back like a tomahawk on those dicey clears.  This pad is almost the perfect cross between a liner and a shoulder pad.  There is a tiny sliver of added shoulder cap, which allows for added mobility, but also takes the sting out of those glancing blows to the upper arm and shoulder.  The middle chest piece sticks out only a little and the same with the rear spinal pad.  These are low profile and designed to fit snugly underneath.   These pads are comfortable, all day protection for work horse guys that aren’t afraid to get in the pile and come out with the ball.   [caption id="attachment_19161" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Surgeon 500 Shoulder Pads Surgeon 500 Shoulder Pads[/caption]    The STX Surgeon 500 Lacrosse GloveThe Surgeon 500 gloves debuted last year on some of the most elite college teams in the nation.  National champions wore these to victory.  The feedback here is top of class in every respect.  These gloves are slightly tight and form fitting.  The ventilated palm is slightly thinner which allows for maximum stick control and feel.  There no real seams on the palms as well and this further enhances the effect.  The cuff is basically a one-piece design which is ergonomically engineered and a bit shorter than other upper-end gloves.  The result is easier wrist roll both forwards and backwards.  When undone, the cuff flops out of the way and our guys barely even noticed it was there. The other cool thing about these Surgeon gloves is that you can rotate your thumb all the way around pretty easily.  They took some meat out of the base of the thumb pads and seamed them in such a way that we think these have one of the nicest thumb mobility in all of lacrosse.   [caption id="attachment_19171" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Gloves Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Gloves[/caption]   These hit the best sellers list last year in no time, and we sell tons of them to elite level high school and collegiate programs.  If you are an advanced youth player and have the cash.. these are an amazing trade up from your mid tier gloves.  Coming in at $160, these aren’t the most expensive on the market, but they sure are one of the best performers.  See the product video here.   If you have any questions about what protection is right for you or your player feel free to call one of our Pro's at 855.255.5294 or email us at   Also, be sure to get the free mobile app. We push some amazing deals from time to time and you will also be in the know when we receive the newest latests and greatest lacrosse gear in the game.  S2ee you on the fields!