The Basics Of Youth Girls Lacrosse For Parents

Feb 22, 2017
The US Lacrosse Women's Rule Committee has developed age-appropriate rules to support the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM). The rules support the appropriate physical, cognitive and emotional development of youth girl lacrosse players. Each youth level has different rules, which includes the number of players, field size, equipment, goal size, penalties, and possession of the draw. At the 6U level, the game is played 3v3 with no goalie. There is no draw at this level. At the 8U level, the game is played 4v4 with no goalies and there is no draw. Girls youth lacrosse goggles are required at this level. [caption id="attachment_24151" align="aligncenter" width="415"]how to play youth girls lacrosse Youth Lacrosse For Girls[/caption]   The rules of youth girl's lacrosse differ significantly from youth boy's lacrosse, most notably by equipment and the degree of allowable physical contact. Women's lacrosse does not promote physical contact, primarily because the only protective equipment worn, for at this time, is a mouthguard, goggles and gloves. However some states are looking into the use of optional women's lacrosse headgear or helmets. Youth girl's lacrosse also does not allow players to have a pocket, or loose net, on the lacrosse stick, like a boy's stick. Most players start out with a starter set, and move on to a women's complete stick as they begin to pass and catch as they move up in age. Another rule difference is that girls start the game with a "draw" instead of a face-off. The primary difference is that while the lacrosse sticks are held in the air above their hips the ball is placed between two players sticks and heads, instead of on the ground. Parents guide to youth lacrosse for beginners The goal of youth girls lacrosse is to build strong fundamentals and understand teamwork. Throwing, catching, scooping, shooting and defensive positioning are fundamentals that are concentrated on the most. Once a player develops these strong fundamentals, they can be more easily taught strategy and higher-level skills. By the time your player gets to the 12U level, they will be honing their technical skills and developing tactical skills needed in lacrosse. The play is 12v12 or 8v8, and will include US Lacrosse legal stick specifications for sticks and pockets, a draw and technical fouls. This is a brief overview of the youth girls lacrosse game. To learn more, read our eBook for parents. If you would like to speak to one of our Pro's about lacrosse and what beginners should know, feel free to give us a call at 855.255.5294. We are a company of lacrosse players, current and the past, and can offer advice on any topic. To learn more valuable information about the game of lacrosse visit our LAX Insider page. Welcome to the game of lacrosse, we will see you on the fields! Customer Care Where Players Get Their Gear 855.255.5294