The Best Defensive Lacrosse Shafts of 2017

Apr 12, 2017

The best lacrosse shafts for defense on the market is an impressive list of new, lightweight technologies that are specifically geared towards different playing styles, sizes, strength and price points.  Let’s take a look at the best collegiate and high school defensive lacrosse shafts first and then jump into the best defensive lacrosse shafts for advancing youth players.

 The Best Defensive Lacrosse Shafts For Elite Players.


The STX Hammer 500 Defense Shaft

This is the true pinnacle of STX collegiate technology.  With only 14.8 ounces of material, this carbon-based power plant has a bit less flex than the Epoch carbon but more than collegiate level metal shafts.  The Hammer is really the go to for bigger guys that can come down hard on opponents and who do not want all that bend and give when they are clearing passes and making shots.  - $200  

The Epoch Dragonfly Gen. 7 Defense Shaft

The Dragonfly’s have been one of the top-selling shafts for two years running.  The story is durability, ultra lightweight and slightly gritty carbon finish.  The defensive Dragonfly’s come in two flex points and one shape only… the C60XL IQ5 (stiffer) and the IQ8 (more flex) - $200 but worth every penny.  

The Maverik Caliber Defense Shaft

This is a Sci-Ti based metal pole that makes the cut for the strength to weight ratio necessary to stand up to collegiate punishment.  The Adjustable Butt End is a big favourite with the advanced close D guys that want to choke up a bit for more control.  Great price point - $179.  Dent resistant and we have had none come back this season yet.  

The Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Defense Shaft

Again, super strong and built for durability.  The new angled butt end is already getting rave reviews from guys who like to let go with the top hand as the wrap check and poke.  It just fits in your hand better.  The diamond grip is slightly gritty and sandy feeling and great for all weather play. High performance, at a good price point - $169  

The Best Defense Lacrosse Shafts for High School and Youth Players.


Nike Vapor Elite 2 Defense Shaft

These upgraded D poles from Nike are based on the huge success of their best-selling Vapor series handles that dominate the value spectrum.  Coming in at only $149, the Vapor Elite 2’s feel paper thin but deliver good stability and workhorse strength.  A favorite among the high school guys who used to play with the old ICE handles.  

East Coast Dyes Focus Defense Shaft

The Focus D-pole is likely the most popular of the bunch that came on the high school scene last year.  These also got gobbled up by the advanced youth players who had the extra cash and wanted to upgrade to the next level of weights from youth poles.  Simple, strong and really feels good through the palm of your glove… solid edges.  Coming in at $159 it’s right on the elite level spectrum, but awesome for those high school guys that want excellent performance.  

Maverik Wonder Boy Defense Shaft

Coming in at only $124, these shafts are the perfect upgrade from a starter D pole.  A bit lighter in weight, much stronger, come in an array of colours and will last a few seasons for sure.  The Wonder Boy has been the go to for youth players for 6 years running.  New graphics, amazing price point for a quality pole.  

Epoch Integra C60 Defense Shaft

This is the little brother to the elite level Dragonfly Series that outsells all others.  They made it with their maximum flex rating to help the younger guys start to really lay the lumber on offensive players.  When the smaller players start to grow, this is an amazing carbon step up for $159.  Basically, if you want the best technology that a youth player can still benefit from, this is it.  

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