The Best Lacrosse Gloves For High School Players

Dec 16, 2016
Our Pro's have been test driving all the new lacrosse gloves that we have been receiving over the past few weeks.  Our Pro's think these are the best lacrosse gloves this season that fall in the $100 to $130 price range.  This lacrosse glove top seller list contains gloves that offer all the advanced features and high-end technology.  Let’s face it, your point of contact with your stick is just like tires on a car…  its where the rubber hits the road.  If you are wearing old, chunky gloves with no feel you are still in a starter set glove and looking to move up to the next level, this impressive list of the best performing fairly priced lacrosse gloves is right up your alley.   1. First on the list is the Brine Superlight 3 lacrosse glove.  These Superlights are coming off five years of dominant performance on the best sellers list.  These lacrosse gloves are simply one of the best fitting gloves for advanced youth players on the market.  The backhand roll is designed so that younger players can flex easily.  The palms are really well ventilated and Brine took some of the bulk out of the leather.  This gives players amazing touch and feel which helps them grow their game.  At $100, you will be hard pressed to find a better quality glove at that price. Brine King Superlight 3 gloves 2. The Warrior Evo lacrosse glove is priced at $110 and our Pro's like this lacrosse glove as a quality high school and JV option.  The design from the knuckles back to the wrist is basically the same as the V on the $220 Rabil top end gloves.  These Evo’s can take a beating and still give players the confidence to go to the cage.  Good room in the fingers and a bit more snug than other gloves.  This lacrosse glove gives that upper-end tighter feel that really gets offensive players excited about having a good handle on the shaft.  Duel palm ventilation is a nice upgrade as well. Warrior Evo Glove 3. The Maverik M3 lacrosse gloves are at the high end of the price spectrum for this class at $130, but were the single best selling retail and team glove at last year.  They offer an incredible value with the protection that is packed into this glove's construction.  This glove is known for having a soft supple feel that other high end gloves are known for.  These are the roomiest fitting of the group and the high school crowd gobbled these up as a result.  These gloves feel completely broken in right out of the bag.  Great thumb mobility and the finger action is really simple and responsive.  You can roll your wrist back easily and these gloves can stand up to all the beatings that high school players can dish out. Maverik m3 Lacrosse Glove 4. The Nike Vapor lacrosse glove has been a best seller for the last four seasons, and is priced at $110.  This is actually the Vapor 2 and is the second rendition of the original.  Nike slimmed down the cuff and made this glove a perfect fit for those 8-12 year old guys that want excellent feel on the stick but don’t want to break the bank.  These are priced at $110 and for advancing youth players, this the Evo and the Superlight 3 are really the best choices.  This glove will fit a bit tighter than the other two so we recommend these for youth players looking to trade up. Nike Vapor 2.0 Lacrosse Gloves 5.  The Under Armour Command Pro glove is priced at $120 and we think its one of the best values on the market. There is a lot of the same technology in here that is in their highest end glove.  UA is king in box and making a bigger and bigger name for themselves in field lacrosse because of their commitment to quality and amazing pricing.  Like the M3, these feel game ready right out of the box.  There is a bit more protection on these gloves than the rest of the pack, but they do not feel bulky.  This a great offensive lacrosse glove for players that want a bit of extra protection.  Simple styling and no frills performance almost tip these into the collegiate ranks but this is great glove for the JV and high school crowd. under armour lacrosse gloves 6. The STX Cell 3 lacrosse gloves are worn by top level colleges, were used by Team USA, and are the team glove of choice for many of the top high school programs in the nation.  We have no idea why STX priced this high of a quality glove down at this price level, but if you want the stuff the big boys wear, then look no further than the STX Cell 3 series. STX Cell 3 lacrosse gloves Ok – so everything we put on this list - we sang its praises - (That’s why it made the list, right).  So what is the best glove for me or my player?  What does any player get or need to take their game up a notch?  Here is our final analysis.   Advancing youth players ages 7-11.  Best value, fit, feel and finish on the stick, go with the Vapor or the Superlight 3.   Advancing youth players ages 9-13.  Your glove should be a little more snug and include more advanced levels of protection.  So, go with the Evo.  For you high school and JV level players looking for serious protection and that already broken in feel, go with the M3 or the Command Pro.  High school and collegiate looking for the best value price point in lacrosse, the M3 and the Cell 3 are the go to choices.   If you have any questions, just reach out to one of our Pro’s at 855-255-5294 or email  Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals from there and you will also gain access to the newest gear and mesh in the game. See you on the fields! The Pro Staff