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The Best Lacrosse Complete Sticks

August 8, 2017

The best lacrosse sticks are separated here at by age and ability for beginners up through high school players. The difference between complete lacrosse sticks and others is that the custom strung lacrosse sticks you see on this page are all done here in our CT headquarters by the same guys that are trusted to string for the very best in high school and collegiate lacrosse. We are a family business of ex-collegiate players that really takes pride in putting out the best product in the sport.

(The Best)


Vapor 2.0 Best Complete Lacrosse Stick $139

Nike Vapor Best complete stick
We are going to start with why the Vapor 2.0 is simply the best lacrosse stick for beginner players. For those of you that have a player that has outgrown their starter set stick, or for those that simply want to get off in the sport on the best foot possible… this is the best available combo on the market.
Here is why:
1) Weight – this complete package weighs in at 12 oz. That is collegiate level.
2) Components – we used a Nike high school level head and a Maverik collegiate level shaft.
3) MOST IMPORTANTLY *** STRINGING – we had the very best in the business string these heads. We want you to see, feel and experience the quality. Not everyone knows how to string a head for a beginner. The pocket must be a bit lower, the release channel needs to be a bit tighter and the mesh needs to be a HARD mesh that will keep its shape for the longest period of time. If all of these things are not done correctly… your player will be learning at a SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE.
Practice and repetition are only beneficial when the equipment is right for you. We see way too many young players developing bad habits because they are using improperly strung sticks.

(Better) K18 Complete stick Complete Stick stx k18
The K18 Complete stick also weighs in at about 12 oz. For $89 this head is a little bit softer and hence the price difference. These sticks are also strung here in our CT headquarters by our PROs. The K18 is a high school level head designed by one of the best offensive players the college game has ever seen. The Shaft is a lightweight high school level option that is perfect for younger players because of the finish and smoothness that will allow them to learn to change hands and reposition themselves for catching and throwing.
The K18 complete was our best seller last season because of the amazing price point and referrals from customers that bought them. Kids with these sticks that also put in the work had a noticeable difference in skill sets as the year progressed and other parents kept calling in to get them for their own kids!


Stallion 50 Complete & Under Armour Charge

Stallion 50 Complete Stick UA Charge Complete Stick


For those of you that don’t want to spend the money just yet on a custom strung head.. we get it. Will my kid continue to play ? Will they like the sport ? Well, we have two of the best factory strung lacrosse heads in the game that we feel comfortable getting in the hands of new lacrosse players.

The Stallion 50 and the Charge both come in at about half the price of the custom strung sticks. They both have a semi-hard pocket which will hold shape fairly well for a season and is centered in the middle of the head. They weigh in around 15 oz and are durable enough to get through that first year. It’s really just a matter of color preference and graphics here. These setups are essentially the same quality. The heads will be softer than the options mentioned above and the shafts will be a bit heavier. However, each is the best in class of what we would call Big Box or Local Lacrosse store production sticks.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to call us here at our CT headquarters if you would like to talk to a PRO. 855-255-5294 during EST business hours. offer best in class advice and is trusted by the biggest names in high school and college lacrosse. See you on the fields. ~