The Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats For 2017

Jan 24, 2017
The best girls lacrosse cleats The best women’s lacrosse cleats and turfs for 2017 come in a combination of specialty designed turf and field models from Nike and Under Armor.  Some of the cleats on our list are specifically designated as women’s athletic footwear but some of the best cleats in lacrosse for women and youth girls are actually the men’s models.   THE RULE IS TO SIZE DOWN 1.5 SIZES FROM A WOMEN’S SIZE TO A MEN’S SIZE.    Sometimes the support in the men's models can really make a big difference for a women's foot.   THE BEST WOMEN’S LACROSSE TURF SHOES:   1)  Nike Speedlax 5 Turf -  These mid-style cleats offer more support than traditional low models, but come with a bit more durable construction.  These cleats are the go to for many youth players that want a stable platform with extra support for indoor practice.  Super comfortable and priced really well at $59 this is a great step up for younger players that want more technology. Nike WomensSpeedlax 5 Turf 2) Under Armour Finisher Turf -  These are a lower cut cleat that are designed more for the high school and collegiate level speed player.  Attackers and defenders who rely on quick feet like the UA model because it’s light as a feather and the knobs on the bottom are very grippy. This is not a full support cleat, although they feel really locked down when you lace them up.  $69 is a great value. Under Armour Finisher 2 Womens Turf 3) If you are a higher level player and you simply need the best technology out there, just get the the Nike Vapor Speed Turf.  These are men’s sizes so you need to drop down 1.5 sizes from your women’s shoe size.  These are the best of the best - even for the boys.  Professional athletes in multiple sports wear this new model and we can barely keep them on the shelves.  At $110 you are getting the very best turf cleat in the game.  These combine the mid- support technology, with the lightweight feel of a lower speed cleat, and the gripping power of any NFL style turf cleat.  If you want the real deal,  just get these. Nike Speedlax Turf   THE BEST WOMEN”S LACROSSE FIELD CLEATS: 1) only carries one women’s lacrosse cleat - the Under Armour Highlight.  Our Pro's tried on all the others, and frankly they were not worth the money.  These are $120 of serious support and based off of the best selling boy’s model.  If you have never worn high cleats before, you will actually be amazed at the comfort and light weight design.  These are the best women’s lacrosse specific cleat out there and specifically designed for women. Under Armour Highlight Womens MC 2) For the younger crowd, we carry the Nike Speedlax 5.  It’s a comfortable $59 cleat that is designed to offer a good level of support and traction for youth and middle school aged players.  As soon as you start to grow, we recommend that you move up to the Nike Huarache 5 boys cleat. Nike-SpeedLax-5-Womens-cleats 3)  The Nike Huarache 5 is the best selling boy’s cleat in the game.  You will also see tons of high school and middle school girls wearing these.  The best support, the best traction, the best feel and finish of all the cleats on the market.  Get these if you are starting to mature in your game play and you are getting faster.  Trust us, these are the go to for 90% of the girls out there.  Super comfortable and can be worn all day at tourneys or practice. Nike huarache-5-lacrosse-cleats 4) OK – these aren’t for everyone… but you older girl’s that aspire to play at the next level, check out the Nike Vapor Untouchables.  The lightest cleat in the group designed for pure speed.  You will be stripping away some of the ankle support, but you will be getting the fastest cleat on the market.  Again, pro athletes wear these all the time. At $99 they are definitely expensive, but if you are playing at a higher level, you will want to take the field in the best. Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro These are just a few of our picks. offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s lacrosse cleats for every players ability. If you have any questions about what might be the right cleat for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position. Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear as soon as it hits the market. STAY UP TO DATE WITH LAX.COM! See you on the fields! The Pro Staff 855.255.5294 Where Players Get Their Gear