The Difference Between Men's Composite and Metal Lacrosse Shafts

Sep 9, 2018

As a lacrosse player you might ask, which is better - a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft of a metal lacrosse shaft?  Watch above as our Product Manager, Brandon Butler explain the main points of difference between a men's metal lacrosse shaft and a composite lacrosse shaft.  


To start, lets break down the carbon composite lacrosse handle market.  The majority of these handles are advanced carbon fiber technology that deliver a superior strength to weight ratio and can perform in almost any weather condition.  These are some of the biggest players in the carbon composite lacrosse shaft market and these shafts are some of our Pro's favorites:  

Epoch lacrosse was a leader in producing carbon men's lacrosse shafts and is one of our best selling brands for men's carbon composite lacrosse shafts because of the technology that they include in their product.  Epoch has developed the Epoch Dragonfly 9 in different types of lacrosse shafts for different types of players.  IQ9 was made for the advancing youth; IQ5 is for all level of player shooting between 70-90 MPH; and IQ2 was designed for HS & College players shooting over 90 MPH. The “C” shape is the most popular shaft shape since it is traditional concave.  To see our full selection of Epoch lacrosse shafts click here.  

Learn more about the Epoch DragonFly 9

ECD Lacrosse offers an extensive line of carbon shaft choices and are top choices for all types of players.  The ECD Carbon Pro 2.0 lacrosse shaft features kick point technology which allows the shooter to have a little extra pop at the end of the shot.  The ECD Carbon 2.0 is less pricey, and a good choice for advancing youth players that want a light carbon shaft to improve their shooting abilities.  See all the ECD lacrosse shafts by clicking here. 

The Nike Vapor carbon composite men's lacrosse shaft is a light weight option that has a slightly gritty carbon texture grip. This shaft comes in both attack and defense and is perfect for any level of player. These shafts are made light enough so that even younger players, who are learning to grow their game can improve and benefit from the flex technology. You can purchase either version by visiting

Learn more about the Nike Vapor


Metal lacrosse shafts come in 4 basic configurations with regards to their mixtures of metals which include: Alloy, Titanium,  Scandium, & Krypto Alloy.  The manufacturers essentially mix many of these metals together to achieve different strength to weight ratios, as well as price points.  The shafts that have the most expensive materials, like titanium and scandium, deliver the best in class weight and strength that elite level players demand.  Some of the other aluminum mixes come out a bit heavier, and are suitable for newer players who don't want to invest in a metal shaft until they are sure they like the feel of it.   As a general rule, ask any coach or serious player, and they will advise you to get the LIGHTEST POSSIBLE SHAFT YOU CAN AFFORD THAT WILL STAND UP TO THE LEVEL OF PLAY FOR YOUR AGE AND ABILITY.  This rule holds true especially for advancing youth players.  You want the entire stick to be as light as possible to foster easier ball handling, and that always starts with the shaft.  The good news is that in recent years, many manufacturers have come out with a host of ultra-light shafts that won’t break the bank.  Here is a list of our Pro's picks for some of the best metal lacrosse shafts.

Maverik makes some of the best metal options available.  They use some of the best materials in the game, Scandium-Titanium alloy to make their signature Military Grade strenght.  One of our Pro's favorites is the Apollo lacrosse shaft.  This is the lightest shaft in the Maverik family and delivers maximum shot velocity.   Another Pro favorite is the Maverik A1 lacrosse shaft.  This shaft is an offensive weapon and is made with Scandium alloy and has a thinner wall thickness for an extremely light weight feel.   You really can't go wrong with any of the metal lacrosse shafts in the Maverik family.  They are all time tested and Pro approved.  

Learn more about the Maverik lacrosse shaft line

StringKing metal lacrosse shafts are designed for every type of player.  Our Pro's really like the StringKing Metal 2 lacrosse shaft for advancing youth and players just starting out in the game.  StringKing makes their shafts in different weights which are specific to age and style of play.   You can actually choose a lacrosse shaft that is best for you based off your height and weight. 

So the question is carbon composite or metal?  Our Pro's Lax believe that most advancing youth players will benefit from the light-weight consistency of metal shafts.  Once you start to shoot over 80 MPH, its time to explore carbon composite and see if it fits your game.  Most defensive players opt for the strength and stiffness of metal, but those who tend to bend a lot of metal poles will revert to carbon as it it does not bend, it only snaps.  Questions?  Talk to a Pro, 855-255-5294.


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