The Top Lacrosse Gloves For Advancing Players

Sep 13, 2016

What is the difference between lacrosse gloves for youth players? Well, as the single touch point to the stick, the best youth lacrosse gloves offer more advanced technology and features than those hand me down and starter set gloves you find at the local sporting goods or big box store. The three main areas of focus are the palm, the cuff and the backhand design. These all must come together seamlessly for a glove to be considered one of the best. The best combinations offer players a good feel and grip on the stick, the ability to move their wrist freely and finally, the finger and backhand protection that players ages 9-13 really need. Here is a list of the five best lacrosse gloves for advancing youth players, from our pro's here at

#1 ) Brine King Superlight 3 lacrosse glove.

Coming in as the lightest glove on the list, these retail right at the magic $99 number. Slip them on and kids immediately notice the air like feel and top quality ventilated palm. The latest version of a best seller here for 3 years running tells the legacy of this glove. The ultimate in lightweight feel and motion.

#2 ) Maverik M3 lacrosse glove.

Screamed off the shelves in 2016. Priced a little over $100 but packed with features in gloves twice the price. Players immediately notice the quality and soft feel of the outer material. The cuff rolls seamlessly into the backhand and is extremely mobile. This is the softest feeling glove of the pack and coveted by middies and defenseman who don’t want that tight golf-glove like feel.

#3 ) Nike Vapor 2 lacrosse glove.

Right at $100 these are some of the best gloves on the market for junior varsity players. Amazing protection and super soft palms give one of the best grips you can buy at this price point. The glove offers a slimmed down cuff for maximum mobility and comfort. Nike quality here through and through and also hit the top sellers list only weeks after launch.

#4 )  STX Cell 3 lacrosse glove.

These are the most expensive, yet most protective glove on the list. Coming in at $129 this glove is worn by top high school players. We offer them, because serious youth players need protection and feel. If you are an attackman or middie that is not afraid to get in the mix… then these are your gloves. These gloves have the same upper level backhand protection and floating cuff system as a glove almost twice the price.

#5 ) Brine Clutch lacrosse glove.

This is a defenseman’s favorite. Lightweight, with a thin durable palm and the most forgiving cuff, these are the top choice for defensive players who want to clear with ease but also may run the field a bit. We love these gloves for middies as well who don’t want all the bulk. There are several other choices that are awesome for younger players looking to advance their games.

If you have any questions, just reach out to one of our Pro’s at 855-255-5294 or email us at Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there from time to time and you will also get access to the newest gear and mesh first.


See you on the fields!

The Pro Staff

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