The New Epoch Gen. 7 Lacrosse Shafts

Sep 23, 2016
The all new Epoch Gen 7 lacrosse shaft series was just released and the new design is nothing short of  excellent!  Epoch carbon fiber shafts have been a favorite among elite players for the past three years and have hit our top ten list every single year, since their introduction.  Why?  Uncompromising quality and reload technology combined with accuracy!  Many other carbon shafts will give you whip, and produce a side to side wobble that can throw off your shots,  but not with Epoch.  These guys have devoted all their technological assets towards delivering the most powerful, straightest shots in the game.   Let’s check out the line. There are three major flex ratings for Epoch shafts. These are the stiff shafts for the guys who really rip rope. If you shoot over 80 MPH.. these are the best choice.. if you shoot under that,  not a big deal but you want to get the 9 so that the shaft loads up properly.   [caption id="attachment_18941" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Dragonfly gen 7 Dragonfly gen 7 in use.[/caption] These are a bit softer and designed for guys shooting under 80 MPH ( although this technology should push you up near that mark as you get stronger !! )   All Epoch defensive poles come in this flex.  These are the hardest hitting poles in lacrosse.  Just ask any banged up attackman who has played against one. *note – the Epoch goalie shafts are IQ2 – and if you get cross checked with one – call a medic.   The first thing to consider when buying an Epoch shaft is the flex rating and what best suits your style of play.  All Gen. 7 shafts include the new Torque Box 2 technology.  Sounds fancy, but what does that mean?  Well they slid the flex point up a bit towards the top of the shaft when they found out that this resulted in even faster shots and less wobble… that’s science kids! [caption id="attachment_18911" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Dragonfly gen 7 Dragonfly gen 7[/caption] The next thing to consider is Epoch's three primary shaft shapes. C is not for cookie.. it is for Concave silly.  This is their best selling, traditional shape.   E is for ergonomic.  These shafts have the best balance.  They are designed for one handed cradeling.   X is for Xtreme concave.  This shaft changes shape depending on your hand placement.  Maximum torque with hands in the shooting position and you can feel the shape change as you move from shooting to cradling.   So now that you understand flex and shape, let’s talk performance.  All of these shafts are sold with slip /grip texture.  That means a ever-so-fine sandy feeling that keeps you operating in the wet and sweat, but still allows you to change hands and slide the shaft with ease.  This means no real need for tape.  The new Gen 7’s are  THE LIGHTEST EPOCH LACROSSE SHAFTS OF ALL TIME  so they literally feel like they are floating, until you get hit by one. These shafts also include the new Weave technology which does not bend.  Carbon does not dent.  Epoch proudly makes these shafts in the USA, and offers a one year guarantee. If you want to experience the ultimate in carbon, and perform like the elite level players that covet these shafts like a cult following, then give one a shot and see if your game gets to the next level.  Right now we have FREE SHIPPING on these Gen 7 shafts.  Use the code: SHIPGEN7 at final checkout. If you would like to learn more about the difference between carbon and metal lacrosse shafts watch our video, narrated by our Pro. Also, be sure to get the free mobile app. We push our most amazing deals from time to time and you also get access to our everyday specials.  If you have any further questions about which shaft is right for you, give one of our Pro’s a call at 855.255.5294 or email us at  See you on the fields.  

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