New Lacrosse Heads - Summer 2016

Sep 1, 2016
Our pro's at wanted to provide an overview of what we feel are some of the best new traditional lacrosse heads that were released this summer.  This impressive list of position specific, high quality offerings all seem to have one central theme, attention to detail.  Here is our list, in no particular order: The Maverik Tactik got out of the gate hot this summer and quickly climbed our best sellers list to the #2 spot.  In our opinion this head performs best with a mid-pocket.  It works best for between-the-lines middies and can be used from advanced youth right up through the collegiate level.  The string hole setup combined with the scoop shape allows the ball to settle right in the middle of the deep, mid channel.  This is a two handed cradler’s dream head and yet we think it still fires really, really well on the run.  We think that this head could potentially knock off the CEO at some point if the following from middies across the nation continues to grow.  See an in depth product video here. maverik_tactik_lacrosse_head_1 The Brine Dictator X and Brine Dictator X ST lacrosse heads hit the elite travel circuit this summer and players are snapping them up like crazy.  The story here is the flex point right after a super solid lower U design at the base of the head.  The bottom channel of the head stays stiff and the ball naturally finds its way home after you pinch.  The point right beyond the U is like a hinge that almost grabs the ball and works it back immediately towards the throat.  Brandon Butler, our  Senior Product Manager and collegiate All-American is recommending the ST for hotter weather and the regular version for Fall ball when things start to cool down. brine_dictator_lacrosse_head_main.jpg dictator-lacrosse-head-x The Epoch Hawk Prequel is another summer hit.  This much anticipated release featured more of a curved sidewall than the original Epoch Hawk head release.  This head is all about science!  That super curve means that the Prequel Head boasts the deepest possible pocket setup allowed by NCAA rules.  If you want the best of all mid-pockets, pick up an Epoch Prequel and some Epoch Otter mesh, and you will be game ready. [caption id="attachment_17271" align="aligncenter" width="300"]epoch-prequel epoch-prequel[/caption] The Brine RP3 2 lacrosse head rounds out our summer hits of traditional lacrosse heads.  After the success of the original, the all time leading NCAA scorer went back and made a few tweaks for this second release.  A little stiffer, a tad wider in the flare or the throat.  Power cradling 101 - this head is designed for bigger attackman that are not going to back down and make those D poles fight for their real estate.  Mid to low pocket setup offers one handed cradling ability as well as that deep, two handed power dodge and roll down low.  This head is dialed in for durability and play at the highest levels of the game. rp3twowhite As for non-traditional have  you seen the Warrior Evo Warp?  The Warrior Evo Warp S busted on the scene this summer and you can learn more about it here from our Product Manager, Brandon Butler. If you have any questions about heads, stringing or what the right head would be for you, give one of our collegiate pros a call at 855.255.5294 or email us a Also, be sure to download the free mobile app. We offer some amazing deals and you will have access or our everyday specials like free shipping on most heads.  See you on the fields!

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