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Top 5 Lacrosse Heads of 2016

May 26, 2016


fs-heads-page-banner introduces the Top 5 Lacrosse Heads of 2016. is the leading source for the best lacrosse products, with the most knowledgeable staff. It is important for to educate customers on the top products in the game. Today we will discuss the Top 5 Lacrosse Heads of 2016.’s Product Manager, Brandon Butler walks through the Showroom picking the top five lacrosse heads in the market.


Nike CEO Lacrosse Head Product Details

The Nike CEO is the premiere Nike lacrosse head offering.  This lacrosse head is designed for the elite offensive player. The bottom rail is designed for mid-pocket placement. The CEO has a stiff feel with a perfectly positioned flex point for the face-off guys. Great all around stick for the offensive end of the the field as well.
Compliant for all levels of play NCAA and NFHS.

Nike Lakota Lacrosse Head Product Details

The Nike Lakota has maximum pinch and compact design for better ball retention.  The bottom rail is designed for elite midfielders and offensive players who like a mid-to-high pocket. Multiple stinging holes allows for a variety of pocket styles.

Warrior Noz 2 Lacrosse Head Product Details

Warrior has introduced the Limited Edition NOZ 2. Featuring 17 individual sidewall holes for more stringing options and pocket placement. With the same iconic face shape as the original NOZ. Still a favorite for the faceoff players for its NOZ technology drastically reducing the weight of the head.

Maverik Optik Lacrosse Head Product Details

The Maverik Optik is proudly made in the United States of America. Designed for offensive precision and accuracy in passing without sacrificing power and strength. New lightweight 2-strut design in the sidewall. Dual design scoop makes ground balls easier to scoop up with a narrow throat to hold the ball while cradling. 17 stringing holes on each side for maximum stringing options, and great ball control.

Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head Product Details

The Maverik Tank features Level 5 bottom rail, true form technology, two screw holes in the throat for solid connection to the shaft, a wide face design for defense man to intercept passes and is made in USA. Legal for all levels of play.

With the top lacrosse heads in the market, wants to make sure that our customers get the head that is most suitable for their play. If you have any questions stop by the Showroom, call a Pro at 855-255-5294, or email us at