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Free Shipping Over $75!*

Under Armour Command X Lacrosse Head

March 29, 2017

The all new Under Armour Command X lacrosse head is the first position specific FOGO design that is scientifically built to give you an advantage at the X.  The Under Armour Command X lacrosse head has an innovative flat bottom rail and pinched top rail that are designed to put the bottom half of the head flat to the turf when you begin to pinch down.  This allows players to either clamp forward on a less than clean win or start rotating forward with maximum advantage.

Under armour command x fogo

The Under Armour Command X lacrosse head is set for release later this Summer and will be carrying all of the details once the head is officially revealed.  We got a great look at the prototype of the Command X this Spring and are really excited to review it.  The big questions is whether or not the Under Armour teams will be allowed to use it later this season.  We expect the Under Armour Command X lacrosse head to make a big splash at the X this coming season and will unveil the new photos as soon as they are available!

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