Warrior Evo 5 Lacrosse Head Release

Aug 29, 2016
The Warrior Evo 5 Release is Set.  Check out the new Warrior Evo 5 Lacrosse head review.  The biggest story here is the downward pointing string holes that naturally funnel the pocket deeper and lower.  This is an attackman's head and one handed cradle machine for sure.   [caption id="attachment_18031" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Evo 5 Throat Setup Evo 5 Throat Setup[/caption]   The Warrior Evo 5 lacrosse head is set to launch September 2nd according to the Instigram posts that they are leaking out. We got a good look at this head when we made a trip to their Michigan based development lab and were pretty impressed. You can expect the new and improved Evo 5 to carry on the tradition as one of the most dominant offensive heads in the history of lacrosse when it officially drops.   Teaser 8-30   Here is what you will notice right off the bat… upgraded styling and attention to the small details that elite level players demand. Fit and finish here will be on par with the marquee image and performance standards that Warrior will project with this head. We expect some big name MLL guys to be using this in the very near future as well.   [caption id="attachment_18071" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Evo 5 - Attention to Details Evo 5 - Attention to Details[/caption]     The strength of their SYMRAIL technology looks to be the staple of the head stiffness based on the pictures they have released. We shot this amazing EVO 5 teaser video with their permission and are psyched to pump up the tires for this hot new release !! Check out the video and look forward so some cool special offers when we drop this head on Labor Day….   Be sure to check out the amazing LAX.COM MOBILE APP where we post new amazing deals and videos every week.   Also please feel free to call us at 855-255-5294 for any questions you may have.  We will put you on with an ex-collegiate Pro or Coach that can help you out !!   -  Team Lax.com          

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