When to Replace My Lacrosse Head

Mar 7, 2024
2024 Best Lacrosse Equipment Guide

When to Replace My Lacrosse Head

Understanding the science behind your favorite weapon of choice

Aging & Performance Deterioration Over Time

Simply put, just the age of your head can cause issues. Hand me downs area great way to get started but if you really want to improve your game, get a fresh head, that is strung by a Pro. Trust us, you will feel and see the difference a fresh lacrosse head can make. Watch this video to learn why Connor Kelly chooses Lax.com Pro-Stringing for his lacrosse sticks. 

Temperature plays a big factor in causing your head to warp in the summer and crack during those cold winter practices. As we will explain shortly, the lacrosse companies are hard at work developing new and innovative technologies to make products last but nothing is stronger than mother nature. Be sure to take precautions to extend the life of your equipment and don't leave it in the backyard or trunk while not in use. 

Proprietary Plastics by Manufacturer

Each of the lacrosse manufacturers produces their own proprietary blend of plastic that is used to keep their heads performing at the highest levels for the longest periods of time possible. The following list provides a glimpse into the science of these plastics and could be helpful in making your next lacrosse head purchase. 

ECD FlexForm: ECD FlexForm is praised for its anti-warping properties, which help the head maintain its shape even after extensive use. The ECD DNA 2.0, made with FlexForm, is described as the "Swiss Army knife" of ECD's lineup, suitable for any field position except faceoff and goalie. It is designed to be lighter and tighter, making it more offensive-minded than its predecessor. The head is durable, as demonstrated in ECD's "torture test," and it offers a good mix of offensive and defensive qualities. However, it is on the heavier side, which may not be ideal for attackmen who prefer lighter heads.

STX EnduraForm: STX EnduraForm is designed to be stiff in warm temperatures and durable in cold climates, making it less sensitive to temperature changes. The Hammer 900 head, made with EnduraForm, is tailored for elite defensemen, offering high stiffness and shape retention, which is crucial for delivering checks and controlling ground balls. The plastic keeps the head lightweight, and the SpeedScoop™ design facilitates easier ground ball pickups.

Maverik Duratough: Maverik's Duratough material is used in the Tank 2.0 and Tactik 3 heads, which are engineered for balance between stiffness and lightness. Duratough plastic holds up against hard checks and maintains the head's balance. The Tank 2.0 features a super wide design that makes catching and scooping ground balls easier. The Tactik 3, on the other hand, is designed for offensive midfielders and offers endless pocket configurations with 20 stringing holes.

Warrior Therma-Loc+:  Warrior's Therma-Loc+ is featured across the all new Burn XP2 line creating advantages for both the offensive and defensive player. Therma-Loc+ hybrid thermoplastic resin retains stiffness by up to 50% better than standard nylon heads in various temperatures. This performance increase will lead to more consistency and a quicker release, helping you perform your best on the field, regardless of the conditions. 

If you need any suggestions, call our Pro's at 855-255-5294 and be sure to have your new head strung by our Pro-Stringing team at LAX.com. Stringing is critical towards any players development and our stringers are trusted by the best in the game to deliver the most consistent pockets in lacrosse.