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The Cascade goalie throat piece;is our oldest and most versatile throat protector. ;The Cascade goalie throat piece has a string attachment system which allows for it to fit on any helmet. ;For programs with rotating goalies with different helmets, the Cascade throat piece can be the perfect solution.
This 32oz STX water bottle is great for practice and games.
Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts with Athletic Cup Pocket is a perfect addition to any lacrosse players gear. One of the problems facing players during summer ball is having fresh and clean gear to wear. This is why your player needs an extra pair of these shorts.
East Coast Dyes
ECD Goalie Hero strings are the premium tipped, tight weave, top-quality strings you want in your goalie head ... Why?? Cause when you spend that much time getting your poscket broken into the point where you are clearing like a champ, you don't want to have to adjust anything or have something break and start over.. that's why.These are the most premium offering out there.. so for a few extra bucks why not put the best in your pocket and get the consistancy needed to take it to the next level.If you want to learn more about this amazing new mesh, and see more pictures, check out the ECD 12D Hero Mesh Blog Post.
These are the newest line of low-profila lacrosse mouthpieces from Shock Doctor. We love this brand here at because of the quality and fit. These guys have been turning out best sellers year after year ... and this new wave of technology makes it much easier to breath and communicate on the field. Low profile pieces like this and Sisu are showing up all over the fields this year. Tray a pair out and we doubt you will ever switch back . See you on the fields .
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