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1 Results
The STX Cell 4 elbow pads are one of the best defensive arm pads on the market. Also known as elbow pads for their short size, these pads are worn by most of the top collegiate programs in the nation. The STX Cell series has been on the best sellers lists for close to 10 years running for the simple and comfortable protection that the more advanced guys like. The full length Lycra sleeve inside of the STX Cell 4 elbow pads is unlike any other. Tiny little patch areas have a slightly grippy rubberized feel that really keeps the pad in place during those sweaty practices and games. The pad flexes well at the elbow joint but does not bind on the underarm.There is a slightly more solid padding ventilation hole on the triceps end of the pad which is just enough to keep those wild checks on clears off the radar. These pads are also 25% lighter this year thanks to a new foam technology!
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