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East Coast Dyes
ECD Hero Mesh 2.0 Semi Hard is the next generation best lacrosse mesh option for advanced players of all age groups. The story here is the ability to weave two types of fibers into the core of the mesh. This produces a softer channel and a more rigid sides of the mesh for an optimal release runway that literally rockets the ball out of the pocket while shooting but produces more hold and feel while cradling and ball handling. This whole process is called ZONE TECH and is exclusive to the new East Coast Dyes 2.0 Hero mesh. Let's take a closer look at the technology. Zone Tech essentially comprises two separate and unique areas and fiber of the mesh piece. The inner channel features LTH fibers. Which are a softer, more pliable weave that has a bit of give. This is where the ball sits in the sweet spoy and the LTC weave extends from the bottom of the throat up through the top of the scoop where it starts to fan out a bit. On either side of the LTH channel are the lightest fibers in the world ( according to ECD ) called Innegra. These pieces are woven tightly together and are slightly stiffer than the channel material of LTH. This fibers funnel the ball into the main channel and provide a more consistent and lighter pocket that will bag out less over time.Hero 2.0 is also hydrophobic ( which basically means is allergic to water. ) Since the very beginning ECD has prided their lines on consistent performance in all weather conditions. Hero 2.0 is made in the good old USA fellas.The white versions come in Semi Hard and Semi Soft as well as the ever popular 2.0 Striker mesh ( this has lines running up the channel so you can make sure your pocket is perfectly straight. )SEE MORE AT THE ECD HERO MESH REVIEW GET HERO 2.0 CUSTOM STRINGING .