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1 Results
The Nike Lakota 2 lacrosse head was released as an updated version of the original Lakota. ;The original Lakota head was a top seller at a great price point and could be found on most every youth and high school field in the nation. The Lakota 2 is the best value in the elite class for midfielder heads. The Lakota 2 boasts a Secure Lacelock technology that helps hold the stringing knots in place better and really dials the mesh down to the sidewalls and scoop. The Lakota 2 is also a stringing favorite among the traditional crowd guys for it's deep mid angle pocket setup. ;The Nike Lakota 2 allows for a nice pocket in the middle of the lacrosse head for a quick release and optimum ball control on the run for advancing offensive lacrosse players. The short round throat allows you to get your hand very high on the lacrosse shaft adding to the ball control.CUSTOMIZE YOUR POCKET