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1 Results
If you are an elite defensemen looking for a new shaft, look no further than the STX Hammer 700 defensive lacrosse shaft. shaft is designed with the elite, lock-down defender in mind. Our Pros here who throw lumbering checks love the Hammer 700 since it will leave a mark. STX used a new carbon construction system which allows for the shaft to be stronger than previous models and while improving on the feel of the STX Hammer 700 shaft. On the bottom third of the Hammer 700 defensive shaft there is a 3D grip, which gives you the increased control you need to throw accurate poke checks and take the ball away. The design of the Hammer 700 gives the shaft an octagon shape which is perfect for defensemen who like to just completely lock down an opponent.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS