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The all new Maverik Wonderboy Defense shaft is coming in 10% lighter than the previous model. At about 6 oz. these attack and defense poles have been the go to for advanced youth and high school players for years. Simple graphics, light weight and durable. Maverik started the lightweight value revolution with these shafts and you will see them all over the place across the nation.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
The STX Hammer 7000 defensive shaft is a full length defensive pole that we love. The STX Hammer line is synonomous with high level defensive shafts, and the 7000 is no different. For a youth player getting their first 60" shaft you need to go with the STX Hammer 7000. It is made with 7075 alloy and has a sandblasted finish, making this look and feel like a shaft almost double in price. This is the perfect beginner long pole.
Discount defense lacrosse stick designed for newer players that are looking for their first defensive lacrosse shaft. No need to break the bank while the kids figure out if this is truly their position. Most of these shafts end up getting cut down for the younger guys. ( general rile of thumb is to go about one head length above the top of their helmet. This shaft will get that youth player through a whole season before they grow out of it and are ready to move up to some lighter and stronger technology.
The StringKing A Series defense lacrosse shaft porivdes superior performance at an amazing value. The 350 weight value is designed for younger players who are starting out in defense or as a LSM. This shaft is made out of preminum aluminum alloy and offers a solid strength-to-weight ratio without breaking the bank. Our Pro's love the weight of this shaft for advanced youth players, since it provides a light weight option from some of the heavier options out there in this price range. Pair this with a new StringKing Mark 2T lacrosse head and you will have one of the best advanced youth set ups in the game.