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The STX Outlet goalie shaft is rounded in the front where your fingers wrap around towards the ball and tapered towards the back where the palm of you hand sits. This shape helps goalies of all ages get a better grip on the shaft and prevents the effect of ball twist. This happens when a save is not made directly in the center of the mesh and the head twists with the force of the save. STX was also genius enough to shorten the length of this shaft to 34andquot; inches. If your goalie is looking for something longer than an attack shaft, but shorter than a regular goalie shaft, this is the perfect shaft!
The Maverik A1 goalie shaft has a slightly gritty and sandy feel and is coming in at only around 6 oz. This is a thin walled, ultra light weight shaft that has rounded edges. It sits well in your palm and the slightly sandy finish gives you a nice feel and grip on the stick. This shaft just feels featherweight as well. Good balance allows easy outlet passes.