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The new Burn 2 Max lacrosse head is redesigned with a slightly narrower shape and re-engineered for the outside shooting LSM or defensive player that rushes the field with confidence. We like the channel formed up the middle wit a pure mid pocket. This is a shooters head that also offers the two-way toughness for middies that are working between the lines and LSM plyers that want the tough added beef in the side rails.The Burn 2 offers two of Warriors patented technologies that have really improved performance for high school and collegiate players. Sym-flex is where they twist the plastic in the side rail and it comes out stiffer and more durable. Loc-throat is a piece that slides down inside the top of your shaft and the shaft screw bite into to eliminate head rattle on the shaft. The pocket holes here are also angled to help lock down the sidewall knots and really pin the mesh to the sides of the head. We like this Burn 2 Max for any defensive minded player that wants a stiff sided shooters head that can also play offensively. DUE TO THE THROAT PLUG THIS HEAD WILL ONLY FIT ON HOLLOW SHAFTS READ THE HEAD / SHAFT FITTING GUIDE. LAX.COM PRO STRUNG OPTIONSCUSTOMIZE: CHOOSE COLORS, POCKET and SETUP
The Maverik Havok lacrosse head is for aggressive minded defensemen, long-stick middies and faceoff wings looking to put a little offense in their play. If you are a disruptive type player, the Havok will allow you to shoot faster, pass crisper and play harder than any other head on the market. The Havok has an aggressive scoop allowing for great ball control. The Havok provides you with control, accuracy and blinding shot speeds. Stiff enough to do some damage and light enough to prove a formidable weapon in the hands of those who wield a mean pole. The Maverik Havok lacrosse head offers ground control technology that has a perfectly engineered scoop angle that is designed to dominate the ground ball battle. The Maverik Havok is one of the best LSM lacrosse heads on the market and is one of a kind. This head is focused for long stick middies and defensemen who like to push the ball in transition, or start a fast break. MLL Chesapeake Bayhawk player, CJ Costabile uses the Maverik Havok and absolutely loves it.CUSTOMIZE YOUR POCKET
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