Maverik Lock with A1 Complete Stick


Maverik Lock with A1 Complete Stick

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LAX.COM EXCLUSIVE! One of the best face-off complete lacrosse sticks on the market!  Check out our customizers, and our Premier Custom Stringing.  

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The Maverik LOCK lacrosse head will win the ball at the face-off X, and change the outcome of the game. Designed for the men's lacrosse Faceoff Specialist and used by the 2018 MLL Champion, Denver Outlaws’ Mad Adler and PLL Chromes’ Drew Simoneau.  Check out our customizers, and our Premier Custom Stringing.

  • The LOCK is designed to dominate at the X
  • Short throat and lightweight design increases leverage 
  • FlexRail technology provides a predictive and responsive flex with each repetition
  • Tension Lock to precisely locate a defined shooting channel for increased accuracy
  • Level 2 Bottom Rail is designed for a mid-low pocket
  • Duraflex material provides consistency to retain optimal faceoff head form
  • Ground Control Scoop to make ground ball pick up smooth
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA 

The Maverik A1 shaft has thinner walls and has a GritGrip which is a not too sandy to take on the diamond grip models.  The A1 is still weighing in at 5oz and is one of the lightest lacrosse shafts on the market.

  • Made out of Scandium alloy
  • Thinner wall thickness for an unbelievable light weight feel.
  • ABE+ which is the adjustable butt-end, has a silicone liner for added stability.