Stx Shift Sc-Ti Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shafts

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The New STX Shift Sc-Ti attack shaft is the newest elite level offensive to hit the market for the coming season. Tested in playoffs last year, the high end guys came back with rave reviews. The "Shift" stands for the grip on the handle. So the side that faces the back of the head has two sharp spines running the length of the shaft which create a concave slot on the sides of the shaft. The side of the shaft that faces the front side of the head is more rounded. Basically it is designed to seat itself perfectly where the rounded part ends up on your fingers and your thumb fits right in the groove.


The Shift is Sc-Ti - which is basically the strongest metal combination used in collegiate lacrosse. Slightly sand blasted finish makes this one of the best fine grit grip shafts on the market designed for the guys that want to stay down on the tape weight and want something that feels like it fits in their hands perfectly.


We smell a top seller here based on the lightweight performance, grip and SC-Ti strength.

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Stx Shift Sc-Ti Offensive Lacrosse Shaft is a intense two way shaft being extemely light weight for offensive play and exteme durabiliy for defense. This two way shaft comes with amazing grip so it's easier to hold with your gloves on. 

  • Shift Profile – innovative flip handle with two grip options

  • Ultra-light Sc-Ti alloy withstands intense play

  • Max sandblast finish for secure grip in all conditions

Recommended Position: Midfield/ Attack
Weight (oz): 7.2
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate