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Regular Price: $109.99

Special Price: $84.99


The best complete lacrosse sticks for youth players were engineered here at with collegiate level heads and string jobs. There simply is no better setup in the game for first time players as well as advancing youth players at this price point. These pockets and heads were specially chosen and custom crafted by out expert stringers to give youth players the ultimate ball control and throwing and catching ability.  The head and pocket are the most critical aspects of any young players development... We know because we all played at the collegiate level and now coach ourselves !!  

1) The Head - We reached out the most reputable collegiate vendor in the game, STX.  We cut a deal to buy these high quality heads and sold them on the fact that if kids get started in STX... they will stay in STX.  It's simply the highest quality, most renowned head company in the game.  The K18U was designed by one of the best atheletes in the game, Kyle Harrison.


2) The Pocket and Mesh - We are CUSTOM STRINGING each and every head BY HAND. These are not factory strung or poor quality pockets that you would find at the local lacrosse store, strung by an inexprienced stringer.  These heads are strung by the same gurus here at that are trusted by the best collegiate players in the game to string their game sticks.


3) The Shafts -  We put an ultra light, un-flashy shaft on here that will get your player up to the high school level.  It's not about the bling... it's about the technology.  Lighter is better...  most of the other guy's combos come with a flashy, heavy shaft.  We are not selling you glitz, we are putting the best possible technology setup inb your kids hands.  We don't sell flash like the big box stores or the local lacrosse retailers... trust us ... it's junk.




And learn why is known as the most trusted name in lacrosse in our second decade !!  Any questions ??  Call us and talk to a pro.  We guarantee that these sticks will be game ready right out of the box and you will not find a better price ANYWHERE !!! 

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