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The Maverik Rome lacrosse gloves are simply one of the best gloves we have seen to date. With a combination of durability and flexibility, these gloves are helping the most elite players throughout the country absolutely dominate the game. A bit tighter fit than the best selling M4 line, the Rome lacrosse gloves are designed for top level players that really want the best fit and feel on the market.The new Rome boasts a "cuff-less" backhand design that allows for maximum wrist roll.The mobility on the thumb is increased with an added hyper-extension prevention design.The top hand padding is a bit softer and more beefy than the Max line, and designed to take a beating. Magnetic inner cuff design, and one of the best palms in the game. Slight "trigger-finger" texture beads increase grip and feel.
The Cascade S lacrosse helmet is the next generation of the best lacrosse helmet of all time. The Cascade S has a slightly higher and rounder dome, a more angled face mask and overall, a more swept back look. Cascade lacrosse claims the story here is all about, vision, comfort and protection. The Cascade S will be worn by most of the top collegiate and high school programs in the country next season. The Cascade S can be fully customized in 1000's of color combinations and will encompass the same one-size-fits all technology as it's predecessor. The real story for our guys here is the increased vision. This helmet sits slightly higher and allows a much better up and down field of vision. IN STOCK MEANS THIS SHIP FROM OUR WAREHOUSE SAME BUSINESS DAY ( ORDER BY 2PM EST ) This helmet will fit most heads with a circumference of 21.5"-24" (546mm to 609mm)
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The Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse head is the lightest Nike lacrosse head available - 135g. This lacrosse head is made with exclusive hyper tough polymer so it is pretty stiff. Nike designed this head after their best selling CEO, but it definitely is stiffer and does have as much bend. Our Pro's like the offset in this head because it provides a vise-like hold. It has a high pinch profile which helps with accuracy and getting the right pocket channel. The Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse head also has a u-scoop which provides optimal offense for picking up those ground balls.CUSTOMIZE YOUR POCKET
The STX Duel 2 lacrosse head is redesigned to be even better. Our Pro's feel that the STX Duel II earns the title as one of the best lacrosse face-off lacrosse heads by simply allowing you to place your hand closer to the ball. STX shortened the throat which gives your had the ability to get even closer to the ball. The shorter throat lock provides internal shaft support, so you can get a lock down feel. The Speed-Scoop provides for faster ground ball play. And our Pro's love the way when you pinch the ball in the face-off how the ball just locks right into a sweet spot.;STX added four screw holes to the STX Duel II lacrosse head for increased stability. Amazing flex point on the STX Duel II head. Check one out and see the advantage.Please be aware that this head has a throat plug and will only work on hollow shafts.;
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The STX Exult 600 women's complete lacrosse stick is one of the most elite sticks in the game for midfielders and for those that want to win the draw. The newly designed STX Exult 600 lacrosse head, compared to the Exult 500, maintained the same weight ratio but has a 50% stiffer scoop. The new face shape of the Exult 600 women's lacrosse head, strung with Runway Pocket technology, has a high pinch point and increases ball control. The Comp10 handle was re-engineered for a bit lighter feel. It has an oval shape and is coated with a sightly tacky rubberized film that many players prefer. If you're playing above the youth level, and you are a midfielder, the STX Exult 600 complete stick was built for you. The 10 degree technology means cradling higher up in the pocket, a faster shot speed and quicker release. The Exult 600 lacrosse sticks are based on the amazing success of the Crux 600 series and are now more adapted to the offensive side of the field because of the tapered design that provides the best hold and accuracy in the game. Put this in the hands of player with decent skills and watch their game elevate instantly.