Best Defense Lacrosse Shafts For High School and College Players

Aug 3, 2017
The list of best lacrosse shafts for defensive players in high school and college contains a variety of carbon fiber options as well as some of the strongest strength to weight ratio metal defensive lacrosse shafts.  All of these top defensive lacrosse shafts have one thing in common, they have been time tested by our the Pro's here at,  and we think they will be hitting the fields in the hands of some of the best long stick middies and close play defensive players in the country. has literally tested hundreds of these defense poles over the years and you can trust that we would only carry what we would be comfortable playing with ourselves.

Here is the list of the best defensive lacrosse shafts:



Maverik Mission Blank

The Maverik Mission Blank makes out best defensive shaft list for the no frills strength and simplicity of design. This is the workhorse of the Maverik line and is perfect for high school level players that are starting to lay down some lumber  The shaft includes an adjustable butt end (ABE) and no graphics.  It simply lets your play do all the talking. The Maverik Mission Blank  defensive lacrosse shaft became a fast favorite with the LSM crowd last season.

Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2

The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 series defensive shafts have much of the same technology as their big brother, the Dragonfly 8 lacrosse shafts. The Epoch Dragonflye Integra 2 has an oval feeling pole with a tiny bit of grip. The carbon technology is great for younger high school players and guys clocking in at around 175-185 lbs. If you are bigger than that you likely need to step up a level or pick up a Epoch Dragonfly 8.


Nike Vapor Elite 2 

The Nike Vapor Elite 2 defensive lacrosse shaft is one of the lightest of the bunch. If your game relies on speed and a quick stick, for $149 the Nike Vapor Elite 2 is a best selling option. This shaft weighs in a few ounces lighter and feels like a well balanced sword in your hands. Sharper edges and ultra-light feel are the story here.

East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro 

The East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro defensive shaft came on the scene last year with a big bang. Huge value in a very expensive upper end carbon market. We like this shaft because of its stiffness and lack of twisting. LSM’s love this defensive lacrosse shaft because it loads up nicely on shots and has great accuracy. At only $140 this is the big bang for the buck for high school players who want a high end carbon shaft that stings good on those slap checks.  


Epoch Dragonfly 8

The Epoch Dragonfly 8 series of shafts. The Epoch Dragonfly 8 defense poles are the pinnacle of carbon technology for the highest level of player in the game. Widely recognized by LSM's and D-poles who simly want the hardest hitting, most versatile pole on the field. These Dragonfly 8's load up on checks and shots and can cause some serious damage, but are light enough to be used by youth defenders as well as strong enough for the college game. If you want the best... choose Epoch. These things crack down HARD, click here to see the full line of Dragonfly 8 shafts.

Hammer 500

STX Hammer 500 defense shafts are used by the big boys in college lacrosse. Super stiff carbon tech that hits the hardest of anything on the list. For $200 these are at the high end of the spectrum but deliver every penny of power and punch for guys who know what they are doing. These Hammer 500s are tough as nails and built to last.

Maverik Caliber

The Maverik Caliber are in the same league as the Hammer but in a metal version. Again, one of the hardest hitting poles in the game. A tad extra weight that the bigger guys like to throw around with a vengeance. Decent value at $175 but at these price points, it’s not all about the money. This is a collegiate level metal pole that simply beats people down. Traditional shaft shape from Maverik fits well in the hands and gives the thumbs a nice place to rest on the rails of the shaft.

Warrior Evo Pro Diamond

The Warrior Evo Pro Diamond shaft makes the list for the high performance and is the only member of the list that boasts the gritty sandy grit grip. Used by top college programs, these shafts are awesome in any weather and there is no need to bog them down with tape weight. An awesome option for the high school and college guys to also have as their back up in foul weather. A favorite among wing faceoff guys to for the ground ball grip on the entire shaft.   You may also be interested in: VIDEO: Will my lacrosse head fit on my lacrosse shaft? Best Lacrosse Heads For Defense & LSM Five Things You Need To Be Ready For Lacrosse Season   To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
  So our ex-collegiate players here came up with this list of the best college and high school lacrosse shafts for the season based on their experience and knowledge of what experienced players need on the fields. The characteristics they looked for were weight, durability and toughness. No matter what shaft you choose on this list, you are getting the LOWEST GUARENTEED PRICE from Also please feel free to call us during EST business hours if you have any questions about which defensive lacrosse shaft is best for your age ability and position.   If you have any questions regarding which defensive lacrosse shaft is right for your player, give us a call at 855-255-5294 and speak to a real pro that can help. Also be sure to check out the mobile app.  We post amazing deals here, and once you load in your contact information, you can check out lightning fast and get access to some amazing deals FIRST!  See you on the fields. - Where Players Get Their Gear 855.2555294 Lowest Prices - Guaranteed Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50