Epoch Dragonfly Nine Lacrosse Shaft

Sep 21, 2018
Epoch Dragonfly 9 Nine Lacrosse Shaft The Epoch Dragonfly Nine is the ninth iteration of the always popular Epoch Dragonfly shafts. Even though Epoch shafts are consistently in our top selling shafts list, Epoch did not rest on their laurels and instead made some major improvements to their already legendary shafts! In the past Epoch has had only two different flex options, the iq9 and iq5 for short sticks, and then iq5 and iq8 for defensive shafts. This year Epoch decided to add a 3rd option for both lengths! Epoch Dragonfly 8 Lacrosse Shapes Along with the increased flex options, Epoch created their new HD Resin system to improve the durability of their new Epoch Dragonfly 9 series. Epoch worked with their US based material suppliers to make sure that this was EPoch’s most durable shaft yet. This new system helps to increase the strength of the shafts, while still being lightweight and flexible, like the shafts that Epoch has created previously! Epoch Dragonfly Nine Lacrosse Flex IQ Epoch designed their DragonFly Nine series with even more position-specific designs. For short sticks this year Epoch added an iQ2 flex option. This is for a stiff shaft that will be perfect for any step down shooters who are looking to generate maximum torque on their shots. Our Pro’s favorite set up for any attackman who loves to grip it and rip it is easily the Epoch DragonFly 9 e30 iQ2. Now when looking at the defensive side of the ball, most defensemen prefer going with a stiffer shaft, so attackmen feel every check you deliver. Whether you are throwing slap checks or driving down on the attackmen’s hip as he approaches the net, make sure that they feel it. With the new iQ3 option from Epoch Dragonfly Nine series they’ll remember the time they were defended by you. The stiff shaft also helps get the ball up off the ground and out of your stick quickly, helping to spark a transition opportunity. DF9-C30-Lacrosse DF9-C40-Lacrosse   DF9-C60-Lacrosse


  Read More About The Shaft Shapes And Flexes Learn The Difference Between Metal And Composite Lacrosse Shafts The Epoch Dragonfly Nine Series is a big upgrade on an already best seller. Why should you miss out on this great lacrosse shaft? If you have any questions about whether or not this shaft is right for you, give us a call at 855-255-5294 or send us an email at questions@lax.com. Make sure to get your NEW Epoch DragonFly 9 Shaft here at lax.com, where players get their gear! To Get More Great Content and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:

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