Secret Lacrosse Stringing Tips From East Coast Dyes And

Oct 18, 2017
lacrosse stringing tips from east coast dyes ecd     To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:   East Coast Dyes greg stringing mesh ecd   Greg from East Coast Dyes, teamed up with to produce this video about how to string up their best-selling lacrosse head, the Mirage.  In this video Greg will show you EXACTLY how to string the sidewall on the Mirage for the best possible mid and mid-low pocket placement.  The East Coast Dyes Mirage lacrosse head gained a huge following last year among advancing youth and high school players on the offensive side of the field.  This lacrosse head sets up for a great shooting channel for guys on the run, as well as great one handed ball handling for attackman and swim-dodging middies.  Our Pros recommend the Mirage lacrosse head as one of the best offensive heads for youth players because of the versatility, pocket channel setup and durability.   mirage East Coast Dyes greg stringing mesh ecd   Our Pro stringers at have been trusted by the best high school and collegiate athletes in the game for going on two decades.  Our Pros have the experience to know the little tricks and techniques that make a HUGE difference in how your pocket performs.  If you already have a strung pocket - you already know the drill - they are simply the best.  If you or your player are looking for stringing done right, trust to deliver the very best quality and craftsmanship in the game. For ALL OF OUR CUSTOM STRINGING OPTIONS CLICK HERE!  If you have any questions about custom stringing or need any advice about what type of pocket or head is best for you and your player - just give us a ring, 855-255-5294, and we will put you on the phone with a real Pro.   ecd mirage   Be sure to tune into our live stringing tutorials on our Instagram account on Friday afternoons around 3PM EST.  We provide live stringing tips and offer giveaways.  Feel free to call us anytime, 855-255-5294, if you need advice on which mesh is best for you age, ability and position.  We have the FASTEST SHIPPING IN LACROSSE as well as the LOWEST GUARANTEED PRICES. See you on the fields – is Where REAL PLAYERS Get Their Gear  
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