The Best Lacrosse Shafts For Attack 2020

Nov 1, 2019

The best lacrosse attack shafts for 2020 all have two things in common.  They are lightweight and every shaft on this list needs to be tough enough to take collegiate level punishment.  The best lacrosse attack shafts in the game all come from vendors that have made an investment in advanced technologies and grips.  A shaft is not just a shaft - it’s where your body is connected to the technology of the game!   The top shafts are composed of both metal and composite carbons.  If you want to learn the difference between metal and carbon lacrosse shafts watch our video.   Here are  a few of our Pro picks for the best lacrosse shafts of 2020, or watch the video above to learn more.  

1) Maverik Hyperlite

The Maverik Hyperlite lacrosse shaft weighs in at under 5 ounces and boasts one of the strongest carbon fiber power pieces in the game.  The Hyperlite is designed for those offensive players that want a thinner feeling shaft for close work inside.  These are about as light as they come and have a huge following with the elite high school guys who can appreciate the extra shot speed from this hollow carbon technology. 

2) The ECD Carbon Pro 2.0 Speed/Power

The ECD Pro 2.0 lacrosse shaft hit the best sellers list in one week.  The Carbon Pro 2.0 Speed is made for speedy releases. The High Kick Point provides the power you need to make a ripping shot. ECD utilized years of carbon fiber research and development to build on the industry-leading Carbon Pro, and they have once again raised the bar for performance. ECD paired their Kick Point Technology with new flex profiles and raised texture for a style-specific playing experience you will not find anywhere else.  

The new ECD Pro 2.0 Power attack lacrosse shaft is made for powerful releases. Our Pro's think the colorway of this shaft is "on fire" with the gold accents. The technology is amazing as well. The Low Kick Point provides the power you need to make a ripping shot.  The price point here at $139 is right in line with the best carbon shafts on the market.  

3) Epoch Dragonfly Elite

Epoch Dragonfly lacrosse shafts come in different flex ranges and are designed for high end shooters who want that extra pop in their game. We recommend the Epoch Dragonfly IQ9 series for any players shooting under 85 MPH and the IQ5 series for the bigger guys.  These shafts will typically add 3-5 MPH to your shots, which is just enough to buzz the goalie’s tower for most players.  Slightly gritty texture and the most popular of all the carbon shafts by far.  


The STX SC-TI lacrosse shaft has been part of college lacrosse for the past 10 years.  STX revamped the Sc-TI this year with three shapes, X, R, & S.  The STX SC-TI X is our most popular, since it is a replica of Surgeon.  The combination of scandium and titanium produces one of the lightest and most durable shafts in the game.  For those players that appreciate the metal feel, when you pick one of these up it feels light as paper, but put an end on the ground and try and bend it and it simply won’t budge.  Take a look on the big guy’s sidelines and you will see these everywhere.  

5) Nike Vandal

Perfect for any budget! The Nike Vandal is lightweight, durable alloy lacrosse shaft that is good for attack and face-off. So lightweight your stick movements are going to be quick and swift. New updated graphics and a textured surface add for a secure grip in challenging conditions. Perfect for any level of play! The Nike Vandal lacrosse shaft has been a top seller here at due to the superior value to weight ratio and simple graphics.

Our Pro's at have rated these lacrosse shafts as the best lacrosse attack shafts.  The group is deep in technology - so make sure you watch the videos on the product pages for a closer look at the technology included in each of these lacrosse shafts.  These shafts will definitely up your game. offers a wide variety of mens and women’s lacrosse equipment for every player’s ability. If you have any questions about what might be for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position. 

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