The Cascade S Men's Lacrosse Helmet

May 17, 2017

The new Cascade S men's lacrosse helmet is a fresh new design being unveiled by Cascade Lacrosse this year that is sure to encompass the best helmet technology available for advanced youth, high school, and collegiate level players.  Cascade Lacrosse has simply dominated the lacrosse helmet market for the past decade, with the Cascade R, which is worn by some of the best players in the nation.  The all-new Cascade S men's lacrosse helmet is styled around the best selling Cascade R series, but with new attention to detail and enhanced lines and cuts.

The first thing that stands out on the Cascade S lacrosse helmet is the vent cuts and the chin piece.  Cascade swept back and opened up the top vents with a more open front to back slip with bigger air holes than previous models.  There are only two of them now and the dome of the helmet appears a bit rounder and fuller than previous models.  Cascade’s big push on this helmet is comfort, vision, and protection.

The Cascade S lacrosse helmet still has those swept-back lines towards the back of the helmet.  Starting at the forward chin piece, those lines also continue back over two new earhole openings.  There is still a pinch mechanism at the base of the neck for adjusting the fit and Cascade Lacrosse designers added two new air holes above it.  All in all, the new Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet is really well ventilated both in the top and sides of the shell.

Learn the difference between the cascade s & the cascade r.


Trying this helmet on, there is a bit less of a pinch on the cheeks and side of your head.  The dome piece on the top is a bit higher and the vision is better than the R. The S Helmet just sits a tad higher and the visor shield is elevated slightly to allow more top to the bottom line of sight.  Cascade Lacrosse angled out the mask a bit so there is a cool point at the tip of your nose where the mask makes its turn south.  Basically, the mask is more angled, the dome of the shell is a bit higher and rounder.  The complete look and feel of this new lacrosse helmet is a bit swept back and provides better ventilation.

The release date to retail of the Cascade S men's lacrosse helmet is May 18th from Cascade Lacrosse.  If you are interested in ordering the Cascade S lacrosse helmet for your lacrosse team you can contact our team sales department for pricing and shipping information.

On another note, Cascade Lacrosse did have another notable new release, the new women's lacrosse helmet, the Cascade LX.  You can learn more about the new women's lacrosse ASTM standards and more details about why this helmet caused quite a stir in the women's lacrosse community according to the New York Times. offers a wide variety of mens and women’s lacrosse equipment for every player’s ability.

If you have any questions about what might be for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability, and position.

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