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The STX Crux 100 complete stick strung with Crux mesh is a girl's beginners stick dream. The Crux mesh allows for an easy feel when catching and throwing. The mesh pocket provides improved performance for the beginner player and helps them be more accurate when passing and shooting.
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Our Pros love the wide face shape of the Brine Edge Rise girls complete lacrosse stick. It is perfect for the younger player looking to begin their lacrosse journey.
The Brine Edge Jr. Girls Complete Lacrosse Stick is a great option for players looking to start the learning the game!
The StringKing Complete Women's Junior lacrosse stick is the right choice for girls just starting to learn how to play. For years now StringKing has been producing some of the top mesh and complete sticks for the men's game. Once the rules were changed and women were allowed to play with mesh, StringKing decided it was time to bring their legendary mesh to the girls game. This stick is perfect for any young lady learning to play for the first time, since it is strung with an identical head and mesh to the more expensive models from StringKing. They recognize that the most important time for any lacrosse player is their first few years when they really develop and hone their skills. Using this stick is the key to really feeling confident while catching, throwing, and cradling. Most factory strung beginner sticks have a andquot;tennis racketandquot; pocket which really deters a beginner player from growing her game. ;This stick will make them feel more confident, when it comes to catching and cradling the ball.;;This stick is designed for players aged 11 and under.
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