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The Stringking Legend W head weighs in at only 117 grams and when paired with the 23 gram Type W mesh pocket, you have the lightest elite level head in women's lacrosse. Designed together by StringKingandrsquo;s expert team of engineers and stringers, the agressive scoop shape in this head and the new mesh technology results in a pocket with better hold, more control, and unmatched consistency. There are no leather runners or loose sidewalls in this design. It is truely the first of its kind that offers that high, lightnig release pocket and ultimate in control. - Legend W head - 117 grams- Type W mesh - 23 grams- Mid / High pocket - maximum soft feeling control VIDEO: TYPE W AND THE LEGEND HEAD REVIEW
The STX Crux 600 10 degree women's lacrosse head was engineered to give the player maximum control and superior ball retention. Paired with a custom strung rail pocket, that is done by our Pro's, you will have a lethal shooting weapon on the field. Our Pro's string this up in house, by hand. Our custom stringing is legendary, and we string for some of the best teams in the nation. Your custom strung head will be ready for play as soon as you receive it. We string these up with a flexible pocket that features a defined sweet spot that will give you some of the best ball control and quickest release in the game.
Lax.com Exclusive Women's Lacrosse Head Strung With A Rail Elite Pocket - Strung by some of the best stringers in the nation!