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The STX Crux 600 Flex handle utilizes 10 degree technology and carbon to carry that ball high in the pocket and also provide a little extra zip on the ball as the shaft flexes back into shape. The guys have been using the added whip of carbon technology for years, and now the girl's game just got a little bit faster as well. These handles are not the same as the fatter, rounder models that come standard with the Crux 600 complete sticks. These are the upgraded octagon handles that are a bit thinner and have sharper edges that most of the elite HS and collegiate players prefer. These composites perform well in all weather conditions, are extremely durable and will and snap and speed to your shooting and passing game with no noticeable flex during dodging or ball handling.
The STX 10 degree shafts in the Comp 10 line are the fatter, oval shape coated with that slightly tacky rubberized film that many of the high school and collegiate player prefer. This shaft has 10 degree technology which makes the ball sit higher in the pocket. This will allow you to have better control of the ball when playing, while also giving you a quicker release.
The Brine Warp Pro Minimus handle is a quickly becoming a favorite among our Pros here. It is one of the best straight carbon fiber handles on the market. The Minimus Handle is arguably the lightest shaft in the game. The grip is not sandpaper-like and really allows the freedom of movement for your hands. Plus it is a thin shaft, allowing your player to get a tremendous grip on the shaft and get the level of control your player desires.
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Under Armour
The Under Armour Undeniable Offset women's lacrosse shaft has a Center Axis Offset which increases feel and control by lowering the ball even further below the midpoint of the handle.; Made with a unique blend of composite material the Undeniable is built for the toughest impacts.; The unidirectional inner layer, combined with the 12k weave on the outer layer makes the UA Undeniable virtually unbreakable.; This lightweight;lacrosse shaft comes with an adjustable endcap, so you can decide where to set it.