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The STX Eclipse 2 lacrosse goalie head is stiffer than the first release. STX understood that although the first version was the best selling goalie head of all time, increased shot speeds by carbon shafts and bigger players necessitated a stronger head up towards the scoop for high school and collegiate level play. ;STX was able to increase the overall stiffness of the head without adding any weight. ;The scoop on the Eclipse 2 head was flattened a bit and re-angled for better ground balls. It is no secret that today's coaches expect goalies to get out of the cage and win some ground balls.CUSTOMIZE YOUR POCKET.;
These goalie throat guards are the most popular throat guards around. Cascades passion to protect really shows true not only in their helmets but their throat guards as well. Do not stand in front of the cage without one.
This new Maverik A1 40" goalie shaft is lighter, faster and stronger than its predecessor. The A1 shaft is made of Scandium alloy.
The Warrior Nemesis 3 goalie lacrosse head is one of the lightest performance goalie lacrosse heads on the market. We love that the Nemesis 3 is that it is engineered with Pro-Level stiffness to make the stops on those 100+mph shots. No more shots just trickling in due to a less stiff head. Get the Nemesis 3 strung up by our Pro's so you can gobble up those ground balls and make super accurate clears.Not Legal For Womens or Girls Lacrosse.;
The Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie chest protector is new for 2017. This Chest Pad combines D30 technology and IMPAX foam to provide superior flexibility and protection. The flexibility on this pad was designed to minimize any restriction when crossing over your arms for off-stick shots.
One of the biggest hold ups with jock straps and cups is that they are not that comfortable. These compression shorts with the cup are one of the exceptions to the rules. If your player is looking for a cup and compression short combination that is comfortable and provides the protection needed, look no further than a pair of these Shock Doctor Air Core Compression Shorts with Cup.